Warriors battle on for fair charges

“A level playing field for water charges” is the key objective of a new group set up by Stanmore Bay resident Sheryl Poynter.

Sheryl set up he group, called Water Warriors, because she is shocked by how much residents on tank water supply pay Watercare, compared with those on town supply.

One member of the group, Natalie Dodd, says she conserves her tank water all the time and her supply is metered, yet she pays more than a friend on town supply who is not as careful with water use.

“It’s not really user-pays,” she says. “We are paying too much while saving water by using our own supply, instead of drawing from the Auckland dams.”

In addition, the group is supporting local businesses affected by Auckland Council’s current water restrictions.

Sheryl says they also wanted to know why Watercare and Council do not promote water tank use and require tanks to be part of new builds, especially given the current drought. She welcomed the news last week that changes to make this possible are currently being considered by Council in light of Auckland’s water crisis.

The group is focusing on putting together facts and figures to put before Watercare and is seeking more members who are keen to put their figures in the mix.

To join the group, or find out more: email waterwarriors99@gmail.com or look for The Water Warriors on Facebook.

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