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Focus on Whangaparaoa

Over the last fortnight our focus has most certainly been on Whangaparaoa, particularly its future and development as a lively community... read more

Find your fun

When I was 14 years old I was hit by a car and died, twice.    I was told if I fully recovered movement it would be laboured... read more

Fertile discussion

There are a lot of opinions about fertilizer requirements. Many people believe natural is good and artificial is bad. I am a simple... read more

Cool welcome

This summer has been a good one for gardeners, with lots of heat and rain providing ideal conditions for growth.  However, I have... read more

Surface tension

I doubt there is an inhabitant of Auckland who has not laid eyes on some form of grotesque and bloated wastage of ratepayer monies,... read more

Vintage variations

I'm not going to dwell on the wet weather. NIWA's predictions of higher than average rainfall in late summer, which I detailed in my... read more

Journey by steamship

A current project for the Albertland Museum involves transcribing unpublished manuscripts from our Edwin Stanley Brookes (Jnr) collection. ... read more