Views sought on NAIT 0
13:11 Mon, 10 Dec
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13:16 Mon, 10 Dec
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10:56 Tue, 11 Dec


Views sought on NAIT

  The Ministry of Primary Industries is calling for feedback on proposed changes to the National Animal Identification... read more

13:11 Mon, 10 Dec

Vale - Beverley Simmons

9 September 1928 -23 November 2018 It was a fitting tribute that the funeral service of Warkworth Town Hall campaigner... read more

10:56 Tue, 11 Dec


Mean beans

Looks like my broad bean dip is off the Christmas menu. Apparently, I am the nastiest mum in the world. These pointed allegations have... read more

Skin lumps and bumps

Many cats and dogs develop changes in or under the skin that result in alterations to the skin appearance or texture. There are many... read more

The birds and the bees

Often times in the garden my goals and practises clash with Mother Nature. That is the challenge of being a gardener – to both... read more

Safeguarding the Gulf

It was great to hear late last month that the Ministers of Conservation and Fisheries are planning to establish an advisory committee... read more

Drinking religiously

Compliments of the season to one and all, and welcome to the last beer column for 2018. I have just returned from sampling some of... read more

Sharing joy at Christmas

Christmas joy is not far away. Christmas is a time to spend with family, extended family and friends and gives us an opportunity to... read more

Preserving paradise

Firstly, I want to thank the Warkworth community for making me feel so welcome into our beautiful area. I have been the Warkworth Police... read more

Blessed to be Kiwis

If you're a serial eavesdropper like me, you might be picking up on a bit of a common theme around Christmas this year. Lots of people... read more