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13:50 Mon, 15 Apr



But is it recyclable?

Sometime ago I received a press release about a new product – fruit pulp in a squeezable plastic container. Politely I asked... read more

Boards seek more power

The time that our local board spent on advocating for the reduction of the development contribution catchments and their areas of... read more

Knowledge is power

Beekeepers are a funny bunch. I reckon we are quirky mostly due to the amount of time we spend crouched or bent over with our bums... read more

Character building

Recent months have seen a number of new animal welfare regulations introduced and more are coming in future months. Traditionally,... read more

Losing my virginity

I was a 47-year-old “big phat manu” virgin. A “big phat manu” is derived from the Maori word (manu) meaning... read more

Heading into winter

Your plants (and probably you!) might be exhausted after a long, hot and hopefully productive summer. Some can be coddled along a bit... read more

Delightful destination

Even before motor transport was available, picnic parties and summer campers found their way to Snells Beach. My grandmother, like... read more