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8:51 Tue, 12 Dec
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Principal speaker

The guest speaker at the Warkworth Rebus Club's November meeting was David Macleod, principal of Mahurangi... read more

8:51 Tue, 12 Dec


Christmas is upon us

As usual, the run up to Christmas is so busy you almost don't have a chance to relax and celebrate the season of giving. This Christmas... read more

The enemy within

Why on earth do blowflies breed like blowflies? Surely this has to be the million-dollar question for summer 2017? My venomous hatred... read more

Poisonous chocolate

With the festive season approaching, I thought it might be a good time to revisit some of the information contained in the “Death... read more

Gifts worth giving

We are all aware it is that time of the year. The pressure is on, time is running out and we have to figure out what to buy for the... read more

Puhoi pioneers

Paul Straka was a single man of 33 when he emigrated from Bohemia to Puhoi in 1863. Being one of the younger immigrants, he took a... read more

Trees of life

A newspaper article prompted some thinking the other day; it was about the ‘heat island' effect that is experienced in cities... read more

Weathering the weather

Wow, what great a start to summer at last! And you certainly notice it more because of the apparently incessant rain and wind of winter... read more

Plight of the kakapo

The kakapo or night parrot is one of New Zealand's unique species. It is the world's heaviest parrot. It is long-lived, climbs trees... read more

Another day at the office

The last duty day I worked was a Saturday and a couple of us started at 8.15am preparing Hibiscus Rescue 1 for her day. This comprises... read more