Changing faces - World Travellers

From left, Anna Parker-Wheeler, Nikki Andrew and Gareth Winslow.

The new owner of World Travellers Warkworth, Gareth Winslow, has returned to NZ after living and travelling overseas for the last 17 years.

He has travelled to 40 countries, lived in China, Malaysia and Germany, and speaks four languages.

After a successful career as a golf coach in China, Gareth decided it was time for a change and figured that as an avid traveller, he could make good use of his experience by operating an agency.

He says a number of people have approached him to combine his talents and organise golf tours, and he intends to put packages together for both inbound and outbound travellers.

“I have golf contacts all over the world and know the difference between a good and bad course, so why not?” he says.

Gareth says despite being a prolific traveller, he has been astounded by the knowledge of travel consultants Nikki Andrew and Anna Parker-Wheeler.

“We are a one-stop shop for visas, transfers, hotels, cars and fine dining. Those are the small details that really make your trip and are impossible to organise all by yourself,” he says.

“There is no question that internet-savvy people can book online, but you can’t get all the information you need such as locations, transfers and flight connections on the internet without spending a lifetime at the computer.”

Gareth says this year’s hot destinations include South Africa, which has recently relaxed visa restrictions for Kiwi travellers.

Morocco and Portugal are also high on the list, with Portugal being a high value for money European destination that is still considered off the beaten track.

Meanwhile, Gareth, who only moved with his family to Warkworth recently, says he is keen to get involved with the local golfing community and is interested to work with up and coming junior golfers.

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