Tarakihi campaign launched

The recreational fishing lobby group LegaSea is urging the Minister of Fisheries to drastically cut catches of tarakihi to help rebuild the population. LegaSea spokesperson Richard Baker says the east coast population has fallen by more than 80 per...... Read More

Vicious attacks on sheep shock Red Beach residents

This sheep was traumatised and severely injured by the attack and later euthanased. Five sheep on lifestyle blocks in Red Beach are dead, and one has been left badly injured after vicious attacks by dogs. Vets have warned the affected property owners,...... Read More

Bungled sewage repair job pollutes Kaipara Harbour

Tonnes of sewage was needlessly allowed to flow into the Kaipara Harbour for days after Watercare failed to properly attend to burst pipes. The Wellsford representative on the Rodney Local Board, Colin Smith, says the incident is symptomatic of more...... Read More

Further investigation in marine reserve pollution

A presentation by environmental watchdog, The Long Bay Great Park Society, to Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee on July 10 included scientific reports and expert testimony showing that the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve is...... Read More

Marina lessee reassures berth holders ahead of pot

The leaseholder of the Gulf Harbour marina has written directly to the berth holders, reassuring them that their rights will remain unchanged should the company take full ownership of the marina. Auckland Council CCO Panuku Development proposes to...... Read More

Highway concerns raised

Auckland Transport (AT) received a total of 253 submissions about safety issues on Dairy Flat Highway. The organisation is looking at ways to improve safety on the highway, particularly at the intersection with the Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, which...... Read More

Bird count promising

The first count of wading birds at Orewa Estuary turned out to be an exciting one for local enthusiasts, who spotted some rarely seen species. A dozen people took part in the Orewa Estuary count on June 10. This was enough for the volunteer counters...... Read More

Wasteful habits in their sights

From left, Sarah Carr, Tori Christie from the Compost Collective, and Betsy Kettle of Whangaparaoa Recycling Centre – pictured with plastic buckets, which for the first time, will be reused for bokashi bins at a local workshop. A new Zero Waste...... Read More

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are the future

UniQuad, the first NZ-manufactured hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle. A growing passion for taking better care of the environment, plus a government push to get to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, has inevitably led to a renewed interest in...... Read More

Increased fuel costs taxing drivers’ patience

Motorists appear to have grudgingly accepted the imposition of the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax, with most petrol stations reporting little change in volumes of fuel sold or spending patterns two weeks after the new charge was levied. However, there...... Read More