Police attempt to crush Crate Day

Local police have come up with a new scheme to take on the might of social media, attempting to quash an event that is largely organised online. Crate Day gatherings, where people get together in a public place to drink alcohol on the “first...... Read More

Park “ploughed” by contractors

An Auckland Council contractor has been ordered to repair damage done to the reserve at Stanmore Bay, beside the Leisure Centre. Council head of operational management Agnes McCormack says that due to an exceptionally wet end to winter, parks and reserves...... Read More

Project makes slow progress

How long does it take to build a basic seating and play area under Auckland Council’s Community Empowerment model? An answer can be found in the project to improve the forecourt of Whangaparaoa Library. Concepts and ideas for this were first...... Read More

Business booming at recycling centre

Difficult to dispose of waste such as polystyrene, batteries, e-waste and old appliances will be accepted at the Whangaparaoa Community Recycling Centre from Thursday, October 26, onwards. The centre has been doing user surveys since the community-based...... Read More

Volunteers at wits end over bird abuse

Volunteers desperately trying to save endangered native birds at Te Arai beach have threatened to quit following a spate of attacks on birds and abuse from the public. Volunteer and vice president of the Te Arai Beach Preservation Society, Reg Whale,...... Read More

Runner frustrated at dog poop tosser

Runner Jackie Russell takes seriously Mahatma Gandhi’s advice to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” That thinking has led her to risk her neck scrambling down muddy banks to gather up and properly dispose of plastic bags...... Read More

Orewa seawall still awaits consent

No decision has yet been made on whether Auckland Council can build a seawall on Orewa Beach between Kohu Street and Marine View. The proposal involves building a seawall approximately 600m long, with a footpath and landscaping on the public reserve...... Read More

Estuary restoration plan launched

A plan designed to restore the degraded environment of Orewa Estuary, in collaboration with the community, was launched last week. Its author, senior ecologist Tony Payne of 4Sight Consulting, describes the plan as “unique in Auckland”...... Read More

Defiant climb fails!

Contractors armed with chainsaws and axes brought to an end the campaign to save an historic Norfolk pine at Snells Beach last Thursday. Despite a last minute stand by Auckland resident Charlie Cottrell-Jury, who climbed the tree at 5.30am intending...... Read More

Large repair bill for slips on Coast roads

Auckland Transport expects to spend almost $1.2 million on repairs to roads on the Hibiscus Coast that have been damaged by slips caused by heavy rain. The most expensive repair is at South Avenue in Whangaparaoa (HM August 16), where the cliff over...... Read More