No takers yet for RSA land

The RSA’s land remains on the market.

No offers were made for the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA’s land in Vipond Road, which was marketed as “a prime development opportunity”.

The sale of the 5200sqm piece of land at 20 Melia Place was agreed to by members in order to provide a cash injection. The club needs the money to pay its creditors and provide options that may secure its long-term future.

The sloping site is just above the bowling club. Crosses are placed on it each Anzac Day but these can be located elsewhere. It is zoned residential and club president Frank Coggan says around eight homes could be built on it under the Unitary Plan provisions.

The land was put on the market last month and tenders closed on July 6. The lack of offers is somewhat surprising given that a number of developers had showed interest in various parts of the RSA’s land, before 20 Melia Place was put on the market.

Mr Coggan says it was very disappointing to find that no tenders had been received.

He says the club is looking at options for continuing to market the land.He says that numbers at the club’s restaurant and bar have improved, which is helping the club get by in the meantime.


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