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By: Madhurii Ball

Our family centre has a special focus on the needs of children and promotes the benefits of a long childhood, as free as possible from anxiety. And, if worry or troubles do come along, there will be supports available – free to access locally at Homebuilders.

Besides a long and happy childhood protected from “adult” concerns, we hold a wider belief in the importance of free access to a precious resource of natural beauty, to enhance general community wellbeing. Anyone struggling to regulate mood or emotion, especially those with fears and uncertainties, will be more enabled to cope by spending time in nature. An emphasis on the human need to reset our moods and learn from patterns and intelligence in nature could be a real gift this Christmas. In some countries doctors now prescribe forest walks and sunshine!

The more education and understanding our district planners hold about the ways we can creatively provide good housing, while protecting a naturally fun and explorative world, the better. With the rise of new subdivisions, and the reorganisation of public spaces, my best hope is for old trees, natural waterways or open spaces to feature large in planners’ minds. Now more than ever, we need to retain and promote the vital concepts of restoration and regeneration.

Our area is set to have unprecedented growth. The traffic is already congested, and we look forward to improved roads and planning to accommodate the boom. Let’s also see the intrinsic value of our natural world as a vital resource for the current and coming generations to reset their equilibrium; to restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance outside of home, work or school.

Why? Because particularly during this Covid-affected year, we have over-relied on our communication with others via technology and necessarily so. But it is not healthy for kids when “playing” means getting lost in technology rather than getting lost in their imaginations, or through other means; like safely exploring on a bike, or at the rocky shoreline or discovering the intricacies of a tidal pool.

By getting out and engaging in picnics, swims, rock climbs or walks, and taking time for reflection in nature, we can restore an over-stretched nervous system.

We hope you’ll embrace the fact that all kids need to laugh and play every day and join them doing that this summer.

Finally, after almost a year of change and unexpected events, this month we will be distributing the generous contributions of many kind locals, who give so that families can have the excitement of the unexpected present. Thank you very much on their behalf.

Madhurii Ball


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