Books - November 2019 Reads

By: Tania Casey

Wolfe Island
by Lucy Treloar
Lucy Treloar’s second novel is set in America in a plausible near-future. She writes like a painter, adding layers to describe a scene and detailing the surrounding environment – its nature, flora, fauna and whether it is bleak or beautiful. The main character is Kitty, a sculptor who is the last inhabitant of Wolfe Island. Her family lived there for decades and she doesn’t want to leave.  The island is slowly eroding away, sinking back into the sea. Kitty’s life is about to change forever when her pregnant granddaughter shows up one night, along with a handful of strangers all running from the mainland. As Kitty and her faithful dog Girl are forced to leave her island, she nevertheless gains strength and courage from the dysfunctional world that is slowly unravelling around her. Highly recommended reading – add this to your summer holiday reads.


The Other Mother
by Mathew Green
Michael Parsons is 13 and living with his mother, stepfather and two siblings. The past two years, which included suddenly losing his father, have been hard. His mother has no choice but to do double shifts as a nurse, and his stepfather has no interest in helping around the house, leaving Michael to care for his siblings. Everything is about to change, however, as one morning he discovers that his mother has gone and someone who is exactly like her is making breakfast. Nobody can see any difference, and he has got to prove to everyone that this person is a fake. As Michael deals with his many problems, his neighbour and classmate Sarah is beginning to befriend him. This beautifully written book deals with grief, mental health and growing up. An emotional read for me, I will be recommending this book to parents and teenagers.

Tania Casey


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