Keeping spirits up till Christmas

By: Fiona Clark

This is a time of year when people can get tired and are looking forward to summer holidays and Christmas, but there’s still 2.5 months to go. So while the thoughts of summer holidays are on the horizon, this is the time to make sure to finish the year strongly.

Some business owners are feeling it and getting a bit tired at this time of year – they’ve been working really hard, focused on growth, working long hours and building the business so it can run without them. Or they might simply be trying to get through each day.

Sometimes when you’ve been in business for a long time, it can be a challenge to stay motivated, focused and on track. And without realising it, we can fall into the trap of going through the motions, doing the same thing each day and losing some Mojo.

If you’re finding things are getting a bit routine, or you need to keep motivated and on track, sometimes it’s the small things that can have the biggest impact.

When you’re focused, you get more done – here are some strategies to try: Work in bursts – and batch tasks together. This means if you need to send emails, don’t just send one – clear the most important emails and get them off your To Do list. Make a number of phone calls, back to back, which is much easier when you’re in the zone

• Organise your mornings. This literally takes five minutes before you get going, but can save you from wasting time. Write your To Do list for the day, but keep it to key tasks, and rank them in order of importance

• Reward yourself –  give yourself a mini reward or break for getting work done, such as having a coffee once you’ve made three phone calls

• Change your environment –  this can shake things up and keep it fresh. If you need to get computer work done, try working at a local café with good coffee. This can change up your routine, refresh your thinking and work wonders

• Feed your mind with positive things – what we read, listen to and consume has an impact on our thoughts and our actions. There are great podcasts to listen to in the car, music on You Tube, which helps you to focus while working, and plenty of books to keep us motivated and inspired

• Think back to why you started the business in the first place, and why you do what you do. Sometimes we forget the excitement, the dreams, and the vision we had when we started out. If you find some of the enjoyment is lacking, or your days are becoming routine, remind yourself, get your Mojo back and find your passion again.


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