Our Patch - Wellsford: Dome Forest Walkway

Our Patch - Wellsford: Dome Forest Walkway

Steep stairs offer a great workout on the way to the spectacular views at the Dome Valley lookout.
For motorists, the Dome Valley can be a daunting drive, but it offers three great walks and spectacular views for walkers.

The first walk is a short 30 minutes to the lookout. There is also a one and a half hour walk to Waiwhiu kauri grove, and a challenging seven-kilometre tramp to Govan Wilson Road, off Matakana Valley Road.

All three walks start at the Dome Forest car park, beside the Top of the Dome Café.

From there it’s a steep, stair-lined incline, that when taken at pace, gets the quads burning and the lungs gasping for air. Valley views are glimpsed through the bush before the track heads down. The final ascent is well worth the climb for the magnificent view from the lookout.

Down from the Dome trig lies the Waiwhiu kauri grove, where 20 mature kauri stand. Their presence is surprising.
For more of a challenge, the trail leads on for a seven-hour tramp, to Govan Wilson Road, Matakana. It also crosses the Waiwhiu Stream, which can be challenging after heavy rain. The track runs parallel to the water for 1.6km reaching the Totara Peak Scenic Reserve. Following the four-wheel drive track north eventually brings you out at Govan Wilson Road.

The Dome Forest Walkway crosses land sacred to local iwi, so keep to the track.


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