House cleaners stay afloat

Investment in a new trailer has kept this local house washing business in work.

Due to the current drought, and water restrictions put in place by Watercare, the use of outdoor hoses and taps is prohibited. This makes it hard for residents to complete those exterior cleaning tasks.

However, some professional exterior cleaning companies, such as Monster Housewash and Gutters, have purchased trailers to transport non-potable water so they can get the job done.

Normally exterior cleaning companies would connect with a property’s outside tap, but instead, the trailer filled with non-potable water is used, via its own pump and generator.

The drought could last a further year, or more, so Monster Housewash considers the investment worth making.

Here are five things that Monster Housewash recommends doing in Spring to make sure your property is clean and safe for summer:
Spring Tasks
• Gutter clean - blocked gutters can cause all sorts of issues. Make sure they are cleared and downpipes flushed regularly.
• Decks and wooden stairs can get very slippery if they get dirty. We have heard of people breaking legs! Make sure these areas are kept clean to avoid slips and falls.
• Green moss can build up on concrete driveways and paths over winter when they don’t see much sun. This can be slippery and doesn’t look nice. A hose and brush will help keep this at bay, or get a professional soft wash to really bring it back to its former glory.
• Shrubs or trees against the house can create dirty green areas. Make sure plants near the house are  pruned to avoid any mould build up.
• Outdoor furniture can get really green and slimy over winter – you can clean it yourself or call in the professionals to get it looking like new again.

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