Surgery deemed essential

Surgeries will continue at the surgical centre in Warkworth.

Surgeries at the Rodney Surgical Centre will continue this week.

Chief executive officer Marianne Davidson-Beker says she is confident the centre has good systems in place to keep staff and patients safe, as well as sufficient Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The centre is already working through a backlog as a result of the first lockdown and was not prepared to put patients through further delays.

Ms Davidson-Beker says in the case of a colonoscopy, if the person has bowel cancer, then the operation could be critical to their health outcomes.

“Some skin cancers are the same and can go from ‘not serious’ to ‘very serious’ very quickly.”

The centre will be offering the surgeries, but it will be up to patients whether or not they go ahead with it.

Ms Davidson-Beker says she is concerned about the impact this lockdown will have on small businesses.

“We’re really talking about the debate between health and the economy.

“The northern part of Auckland should not have been included in this lockdown. They should have put the police and army at the Harbour Bridge and allowed us to continue to function.

“The Government has to have some trust that we can make good decisions for ourselves and our community to keep everyone safe.”

Ms Davidson-Beker says the question now is whether the Government will extend the age subsidy so small businesses can remain viable.

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