Kitten rescued from truck dashboard

When a truck rolls into Truck Tech Solutions’ workshop in Silverdale, the last thing that staff expect is to be rescuing a kitten.

Truck Tech Solutions director Helen Shaw says the truck driver is based in Dairy Flat, where there are a few stray cats and kittens about that his company has been trying to find homes for.

“This kitten must have fancied an adventure,” Helen says. “The driver had parked up for the night as usual and it must have climbed in and got comfortable.”

When the truck drove away, they heard the kitten meowing and found it stuck in the dashboard.
“They tried to get it out, but couldn’t reach it, so came straight to us,” Helen says.

Rescuing the kitten was no easy task, involving removing the truck’s entire dashboard.

Helen says the kitten spent the day entertaining customers and staff, and it quickly melted someone’s heart and found a new home.

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