Introducing: Bombay to Goa

Lucky Singh

Gulf Harbour has a new Indian restaurant to enjoy, overlooking the Marine Village canal.

Bombay to Goa opened about four months ago courtesy of Lucky Singh, who has been a chef for 27 years in both New Zealand and India.

He moved to New Zealand 17 years ago and came to the Coast in 2013.

“People in Gulf Harbour, and all along the peninsula are very friendly, so I am very pleased to be doing business here,” Lucky says.

True to the name, the restaurant’s food celebrates the flavours from India’s West Coast between Bombay (now Mumbai) and Goa.

“Because Bombay and Goa are along the Coast many coconuts grow there, so our curries use many creamy, coconut flavours,” Lucky says.

Fish Goan curry, which comes from Goa and uses coconut milk, is the restaurant’s signature dish.
Lucky says the flavour of the food he cooks in New Zealand is very different to the dishes he would make in India.

“In India the food is very hot, not from the heat of chilli, but the large amount of spices used such as cardamom, cinnamon and curry leaves. Customers here don’t like the heat as much, so the Kiwi version of our food tends to be sweeter.”

Even though most of his family live in New Zealand now, Lucky says he still tries to visit India every few years.

“Going back to India reminds me that I’ve gotten used to Kiwi food, because I struggle with the heat sometimes!”

While Lucky is a business owner, he says cooking food and socialising is what he enjoys the most – so customers can expect to see him front of house.

“Food is my hobby because I like to see people’s reactions when they try my dishes. That’s the part I enjoy – making people happy.”

“I want our customers to know that we will look out for them here, and that they will be greeted as a friend.”

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