Confirmed measles case at Kingsway College

Kingsway College in Silverdale has a confirmed case of measles, which may be the first at a Hibiscus Coast school during the current outbreak.

The student affected is in Year 9 at the college.

Principal Graeme Budler says the school is following the Ministry of Health Guidelines. This includes keeping anyone who cannot confirm their immunisation status at home during the incubation stage (around 10 days or more).

This is to protect unimmunized students.

He says most students and staff are vaccinated, so only a small number are staying home.

The school’s registered nurses onsite are in contact with the Public Health Service and seeking ongoing clarification as the situation unfolds.

Parents are being kept updated.

Between January 1 to September 5 this year, there have been 1051 confirmed cases of measles notified across New Zealand. A total of 877 of these are in the Auckland region.

Medical Officer of Health, Dr William Rainger says all school students as well as everyone aged up to 50 years, is advised to check their immunity.

“We are concerned about those in the region who are not vaccinated. And of this group it is the children and those who have weakened immune systems who are most at risk of complications from measles,” Dr Rainger says.

“Please don’t delay getting your children vaccinated at 12 months and at four years, and make sure older children are vaccinated now if they have missed out. Any adult under 50 years of age also needs to check they are immune. If you are not sure, or can’t find your records, get vaccinated. Another dose of the MMR vaccine won’t hurt you and it will protect you and your community.”

People are also advised to watch out for the symptoms of measles – a fever, runny nose, cough and sore red eyes, with a rash following a few days later.

“Please phone ahead to your GP before going to the clinic, if you think you may have measles,” Dr Rainger says.

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