Progress for ongoing Orewa Boulevard star location saga

The stars on the Boulevard could be uplifted and moved away from beneath restaurant chairs.

Local entertainer Gary Brown, owner of the star plaques on Orewa Boulevard, has sought the support of the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board in his mission to move the stars and eventually add further stars, creating a line down the pavement.

Mr Brown raised around $5500 earlier this year with a fundraising concert so he could uplift and move the stars.

The 12 plaques form a “walk of fame” and feature Kiwi entertainers. Mr Brown came up with the concept and funded the plaques – the first one was laid in 2010. At the time, this was permitted by Rodney District Council, which owned the land. However, a land swap occurred later between the former Council and landowner Jonathan Rigg, so that some of the stars are now on a privately owned pavement.

Mr Brown attended last month’s Hibiscus & Bays Local Board meeting, asking for members’ support.

He told the board members that some of the granite plaques are being damaged by restaurant tables and chairs that are placed directly on top. He also wants to add more stars as soon as possible, extending them in a single line down the pavement, south of where they are currently.

Mr Brown says eventually he will also have to redesign the stars due to copyright issues with the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chair Julia Parfitt said that before the local board can make any decision regarding its support, Mr Brown needs to provide written consent from the landowner, Mr Rigg.

Mr Brown told the members he has been seeking a response from Mr Rigg for sometime.

However, a few days after the local board meeting, Mr Brown did meet Mr Rigg.

“He told me he doesn’t care if the stars stay or go, as long as it’s at my cost,” Mr Brown says.

The footpath also needs to be rectified once the stars are removed – again at Mr Brown’s cost.

Mr Brown says Mr Rigg will contact Council to advise them that the stars can be moved, which is the next step in getting the project completed.

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