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Bobby Furci

Buying a property is a costly investment and it is important to know all of the facts before signing the dotted line, according to inspector Bobby Furci from Army Bay.

Bobby, who owns the North Shore and Rodney Franchise of What’s Up House Inspections says the cost of an inspection is a “drop in the bucket” compared to the cost of an average home.

“Not all issues are serious, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the sale will not go ahead, but it does give the buyer peace of mind.”

Bobby brings close to 40 years of building and building inspection experience to the Coast.

He grew up in New York, and has lived in North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee.

“What I’ve noticed on the Coast is a lot of property owners here have lived in their homes for a long time and know them inside and out.

“These houses tend to be in great condition because the people who live there have ‘owners pride’ and keep to the preventative maintenance mantra when it comes to taking care of their home.”

Bobby says the best part of his job is meeting clients.

“I usually get to meet the buyer, the seller and the real estate agents. Being able to help all parties is very rewarding.”

Bobby, his wife Barbara, and their two sons Rob and Brice age 28 and 23, are New Zealand citizens who have lived here for 10 years.

“New Zealand has been a perfect fit for our family – we are proud to call it our home.”

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