Warkworth students adopt a street to keep it clean

Maiya Johns, second from left, started a programme at Warkworth School to encourage students to pick up trash.

Warkworth School’s Maiya Johns, 10, led a group of seven and eight-year-olds through suburban streets last month to pick up rubbish.

It was part of a new programme introduced to the school by Maiya, which saw groups of students adopt a street, which they vowed to keep clean.

She was inspired to set up the programme after her school was visited by Riley and Steve Hathaway, of Young Ocean Explorers, who talked about how our rubbish ends up in the ocean.

Deciding to put what she learned into action, Maiya put together a proposal and pitched it to the school council.

Students were then invited to volunteer for the programme.

“So far, four of our school communities have got behind it and adopted a street and a day to clean it up,” Maiya says.

Maiya sourced biodegradable bags and gloves for the programme in order not to add to the problem she was trying to solve.

“I hope the school continues it next year and kids are inspired to keep picking up rubbish when they see it.”

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