Van needed for de-sexing services

A litter of anaemic pups that came to Saving Hope earlier this year from Northland.

Large numbers of unwanted animals are causing huge problems for local pet rescue organisations and one of them, the Saving Hope Foundation, believes that taking a free dog de-sexing service out to the people may be a way to get more owners to do the responsible thing.

Saving Hope chair Janine Hinton says that this service would be key in reducing the high number of stray dogs.

The plan is to set up a van with all the equipment needed for a mobile de-sexing service, to be offered at little to no cost to the public, so that less unwanted puppies are born.

Initially the van could simply be used to transport the pups, both between rescues and foster homes, as well as to the vet.

“I know some vets do a month or so of free de-sexing, but it’s just not enough,” Janine says. “We need a year-round service at least – there are just too many.”

But first, Saving Hope needs a van and is hoping that a local individual or business may be able to help.

If a desexing van becomes a reality it would require a vet to operate it who has been practicing for at least three years.

Everyone at Saving Hope is a volunteer, so they are constantly fundraising to keep up with ongoing costs such as vet bills and transportation.

They have rescued and rehomed over 400 dogs in two years and have been growing since. There are currently 100 puppies in Saving Hope’s care.

While puppies come to the Silverdale-based organisation from all over the country, Janine says the issue is particularly bad in Northland.

“That’s where I would send the van first, and then carry on from there,” she says.

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