Pet piglets looking for new homes

Pigs can be as affectionate as dogs.

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If your household is thinking about getting dog, why not consider something with a little more snout?

The Animal Sanctuary in Matakana has five piglets it needs to find a loving home for, preferably in pairs or with another solo pig that needs a companion.

Owner Shawn Bishop says pigs are social and affectionate pets, and smarter than most breeds of dogs.

“They play games and have toys. As soon as you tickle their tummy, they roll over for a belly rub.”

“They are also quite vocal and make all sorts of sounds for different things. You can actually get to know your pig’s language.”

Staff at the sanctuary take the pigs for walks and even used to take their porcine pal on visits to Bunnings Warehouse, but had to stop because people were too interested in him.

Pigs suit lifestyle block owners as the minimum requirements for keeping them are a paddock and a shelter.

“They can mix with other animals in a paddock, but you can’t keep pigs in a backyard.”

They subsist on a diet of multi nut pellet mix, which can be bought from farming stores, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables and any table scraps you might have.

The sanctuary works with potential adoption families to ensure they have a properly fenced off paddock and an appropriate shelter, and a no-kill contract must be signed before any animal is handed over.

All of the piglets are vaccinated, neutered and spayed, which was no easy feat, Shawn says.

“We couldn’t find a vet to spay a female. They were saying that in New Zealand farmers either breed or eat pigs so they simply didn’t know how to do it.”

“One vet in Warkworth offered to try, saying it couldn’t be different from a chubby Labrador. But, we found a vet from overseas in Kaipara Flats who knew how to properly perform the procedure.”

The piglets are a cross of Captain Cook and bush pig and will likely grow slightly larger than a Kunekune.

Before they were able to spay her, the sanctuary’s sow snuck out and must have met a handsome hog in the bush who sired the swine.

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