Introducing: Hibiscus Chiropractic

Lan-Ling Mansell with her daughter Tiger-Lily, 5.

Improving overall wellness is at the centre of Hibiscus Chiropractic, run by chiropractors Lan-Ling and Gian Mansell.

Lan-Ling recently returned to chiropractic work at a new clinic in Ōrewa after taking five years off to start a family.

She says the practice focuses on the spine and the whole nervous system.

“This can affect every aspect of your overall health from energy to gut health,” Lan-Ling says. “It has been nice to be reminded of the positive impact we can have on people.”

Lan-Ling traces her passion for wellness to the four years she worked as a vet.

“When you’re a vet you are really an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. Giving an animal antibiotics is all very well, but the suffering has already happened.

“That’s why I trained to be a chiropractor, so I could put wellness first.

“Clients are welcome to bring in their pets for a session; I’m qualified!” she jokes.

Lan-Ling has a Biomedical Technology degree from Auckland University. This is where she met Gian, who was studying a Bachelor of Science in Physiology before training as a chiropractor. Together, the couple have five degrees and 30 years of chiropractic experience.

Lan-Ling and Gian have four practices on the North Shore and before Lan-Ling took maternity leave, they had a practice in Silverdale called Northshore Chiropractic.

“We were an industrial area in Silverdale, but in Orewa we feel like we are in a village – it’s a nice pace,” Lan-Ling says.

This contrasts with her first job after graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, where she spent a year in a busy Singapore practice.

“They have a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture where people do long hours, so it’s common to see people develop problems much earlier.”

Lan-Ling and Gian say patients of all ages are welcome, as overall wellbeing affects everyone.

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