Disc golf course proposed for Lucy Moore Park

Warkworth Lions president Carol Henderson tees off with a long-distance driver disc.

The Warkworth Lions has tossed a new idea to the public for the use of Warkworth’s Lucy Moore Park and it involves building a nine-hole course.

The club is suggesting that more people would be encouraged to use the park if it was home to a disc golf course.

The sport, which sees competitors try to throw a frisbee across a green and into a metal basket in as few tosses as possible, has a significant following. There are seven courses in Auckland and one in Dargaville.

Lions treasurer Peter Henderson says disc golf has a low impact on a space because it comprises just baskets and signs, but it would likely be a significant draw for the park.

“It would bring in visitors to the town who want to try out the course. We are thinking that perhaps people would stop off on their way down from Whangarei once they hear that this space is here to be enjoyed.

“It is amazing how many locals still don’t know the extent of the park.”

Peter says that the benefits of a disc golf course would be instant and much less expensive than the Lucy Moore playground, which has so far cost about $100,000 even before the proposed slide and fort.

“The cost of each metal basket or ‘hole’ is around $500, and we may have someone who will be able to just make them for us.”

Warkworth Lions approached the Rodney Local Board and were advised that they should consult the community before officially submitting the idea. A Lions Club Facebook page post invited the public to comment on what they thought about the idea. Since going live, on April 28, there have been 66 comments.

“The post has reached 6000 people and had 4000 engagements with only thumbs up and no negative reactions. Ninety-nine per cent of the comments have been in favour of the idea,” Peter says.

“The only concern expressed has been how golfers might share the space with dog walkers who frequently enjoy the park, given that dogs are prone to chasing frisbees. However, experienced players have commented that the dogs and discs go well together.”

Board chair Beth Houlbrooke says she is looking forward to seeing details of the proposed course.

“Disc golf sounds like an interesting idea that could align well with Board priorities,” she says.

“Lucy Moore is the main open space in the centre of Warkworth, and we need to make sure that disc golf would still allow the park to cater for users of all ages and mobility. “We encourage the Lions to engage with Council and the wider community to make sure all views are heard.”

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