Introducing - Bayside Eatery

Josh Kucharick

Planning rules mean there are only a handful of restaurants built right on the beach in New Zealand, but Bayside Eatery will soon be among them.

It is expected the purpose-built restaurant at the northern end of Snells Beach, with a spectacular view of Kowhai Bay, will open later this month.

Head chef Josh Kucharick is delighted with the location and looking forward to preparing what he calls “casual Italian” – unpretentious Italian food made from the finest ingredients.

There will be a strong emphasis on having things made in-house. Bayside Eatery will make its own gelato, pasta, breads, pickles and sauerkraut.

Other ingredients will be sourced from New Zealand artisanal producers, and Josh says he’s spent most of his time preparing to open the restaurant in tracking down the best suppliers.

He says while it would actually be cheaper to order from an Italian importer, the quality would not be the same.

“The artisanal produce speaks for itself. It’s a better product,” he says.

The menu will vary with the seasons, but will likely include classics such as home-made stracciatella served with cucumber, pickle, dill, olive oil and lemon juice.

But Josh says patrons can also choose simpler fare, such as a coffee and a breakfast of eggs on toast.

“There will be something for everybody,” he says.

That flexibility extends to the dining experience.  As well as eating indoors, or outdoors on a patio at the restaurant, customers will be able to order food from a takeaway window and enjoy a fine pasta dish and salad on the beach or at home.       

Bayside Eatery will be fully licensed and open seven days a week. Brunch will be served every day from 7am to 3pm.


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