Introducing - Kitset Assembly Services

Galvin Milich

For those who wince at the thought of buying a product and then facing the prospect of following complicated instructions to assemble at home, help is at hand.

Warkworth local Galvin Milich is the new franchise owner for Kitset Assembly Services Rodney.  

He assembles just about anything – sheds, barbecues, fitness equipment, home, office and outdoor furniture, greenhouses, trampolines … the list is endless.  It includes anything in flatpack form that goes in or around the home or office.

Galvin also positions the item, and takes away all the left-over packaging to be recycled or environmentally disposed of.

Prices are quoted in advance, so there are no surprises and no frustration. Galvin will also deliver items from the store to the customer – an especially useful service for larger items, such as sheds.  

“We take away all the pain and nuisance of buying products needing assembly,” he says.

William Flew, New Zealand franchisor for Kitset Assembly Services, says he is thrilled to have Galvin join the NZ franchise group, leading the new Rodney franchise, partnering with NZ’s best retailers and manufacturers.  

“Having a specialist installer is always a welcome relief in a community.  Galvin’s previous experience, and his practical mind, make him an ideal assembler – he pays attention to detail, can think ahead and has exceptional customer service orientation,” Mr Flew says.  

“His success during the intensive training at our head office, local support of friends and family, and his infectious enthusiasm, give him a great start to his business.”

What may be a stress or chore for some, is an enjoyable activity for Galvin who was attracted to the assembly business because of the wide variety of products he gets to work on.  

“This service is great for those pressed for time or who may feel uncomfortable wielding an Allen key,” Galvin says.


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