Long wait for bike racks

Local board member Caitlin Watson says that she expects the bike racks and shelter for Gulf Harbour, which are still in the pipeline, to look similar to this one at the Half Moon Bay ferry terminal.

It is now three years since the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board first asked Auckland Transport (AT) to put some simple bike racks in Gulf Harbour Reserve, for use by ferry passengers but no racks are yet forthcoming.

The process has included see-sawing discussions between the local board and AT about where the money might come from, with the local board opting to pay at one stage, just to make the project happen, and then AT stepping in and saying it would fund the racks.

One of those trying to get some action has been local board member Caitlin Watson, who says bike racks are an integral part of a public transport system, which AT is supposed to prioritise.

“It’s especially needed in Gulf Harbour, where the car park is full to overflowing, because it gives people other options than driving to catch the ferry,” she says.

She says AT advised her last December that it will install 4-5 Sheffield bike stands once Auckland Council has given approval. She says it is hoped that they will be installed before the end of this financial year.

She says the local board is also discussing the possibility of allocating funds for a shelter to go over the bike racks. The money for this would have to come from the local board’s transport capital fund and AT estimates the cost to be in the vicinity of $30,000-$40,000.

Caitlin says while that cost seems extremely high, she wants the shelter to be provided as it would also be helpful for those waiting for the connector bus.


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