Residents fume over long-standing footpath hazard

Gloria Lawrie thinks delays in fixing the footpath outside the ANZ are ridiculous.

Warkworth residents are up in arms about a section of footpath on Warkworth’s main street that has presented a tripping hazard for years.

Gloria Lawrie is the latest to complain to Auckland Transport (AT) after she witnessed a woman stumble on the footpath outside the ANZ on Queen Street last week.

Gloria, who is in her seventies, says she was told it would be 25 days before AT could respond to her complaint, a situation she describes as “ridiculous”.

“For elderly people or for anyone who has had a hip replacement or anything like that, it’s dangerous,” she says.

The problem is caused by two trees whose roots are lifting bricks in the footpath, creating an uneven surface.

The worst affected part of the footpath, closest to the road, has already been fenced off with cones and safety barriers.

A public bench seat is also within the fenced-off area.

“If you fell and tripped over you could not use the seat to recover, as it is all cordoned off,” Gloria says.

One Warkworth Business Association manager Murray Chapman says he also complained about the footpath sometime in the middle of last year and knows of several other people who have done so over the last 12 months.

He says the footpath has been a problem ever since he joined the association about two years ago.

Mr Chapman says it would be sad to see the trees removed, especially as they provide good shade, but suggests they could be replaced with ones with deeper root systems that would not affect the footpath.

AT spokesperson James Ireland says footpath repairs have been delayed due to the time required to secure a resource consent from Auckland Council to remove the trees and for funding to become available. Repairs are expected to begin in April.    

AT is currently working with Auckland Council to determine suitable replacements for the trees.


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