Silverdale fights for return of Village signs

Silverdale Village says it is clearly not the Silverdale Centre, and is petitioning to get Auckland Transport’s new signs changed.

A petition with almost 800 signatures will be presented to Auckland Transport in an attempt to get the new road signs directing traffic off Hibiscus Coast Highway into Silverdale Village changed back.

In March, the signs, which previously had ‘Silverdale Village’ on them, were changed to read ‘Silverdale Centre’ (HM April 1).

This has effectively deleted the Village name, which has been in common usage for years and was officially adopted for Silverdale Street and the surrounding town centre six years ago. The Village name was brought to the fore and placed on signs to reflect the area’s history and differentiate it from the Silverdale Centre retail development, which opened in late 2012.

Silverdale resident Lorraine Sampson says Village retailers and other residents are very unhappy at the change. Her petition asking for the signs to be changed back to identify ‘Silverdale Village’ so far has 790 signatures on it. Lorraine hopes to present the petition to Auckland Transport this week.


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