Conversion bill makes biscuit tin

Marja Lubeck with the ballot box.

After two months of negotiation across all political parties, Rodney-based Labour MP Marja Lubeck was proud to get a Members Bill dropped into an old DEKA biscuit tin.

The Prohibition of Conversion Therapy Bill seeks to prohibit any person from advertising, offering, or performing a treatment that seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity in New Zealand.

Ms Lubeck was approached by Rodney Area Rainbow LGBTQ+ earlier this year to bring her attention to issues surrounding so-called conversion therapy in New Zealand.

Following the meeting, Ms Lubeck became a passionate advocate on the issue. “This Bill will put a stop to conversion therapy in New Zealand. This harmful practice has no place in this country,” she says.

“It’s important everyone gets to grow up being who they are and expressing themselves naturally, not hiding themselves or being told who they are is wrong.” There are more than 60 bills currently awaiting to be drawn from the tin.


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