Introducing - Create Matakana

John Wright, Mike Piercey and Brett Crockett.

Take three creative people who want to work outside the home, but in inspiring and offbeat surroundings and you have Create Matakana, a new shared space for art and retail on the corner of Anderson and Matakana Roads.

The initiative is the brainchild of jeweller Mike Piercey and creative digital marketer Brett Crockett, surfing mates who both worked from their Snells Beach homes, but wanted to move more into the community.

“We started looking into shared spaces, but they were all very office-based,” Mike says. “I didn’t want a traditional jewellery store and Brett didn’t want an office. We also wanted to get involved in the community as much as possible.”

When the roadside barn that formerly housed Rummage and Rumbles Canteen came up for rent, they knew it was ideal, and Leigh artist and graphic designer John Wright agreed. After exhibiting in the space for a while, he became the third permanent occupant working and selling from the rustic timber property.

Several other artists exhibit their works in Create Matakana, and they and other creatives are encouraged to come and use the space on an ad hoc basis if they need to hot-desk, or even just need a spot of company and inspiration.

“There’s something to be said for just having a chat and working in a creative shared space,” Mike says. “All of our businesses are meet and greet, we get to know people, so to develop them, we needed to go in the public eye. Once you say you have somewhere, people come. And people are dropping in here all the time.”

Create Matakana is open every day, but “we’re not a shop, as such; it’s more a working studio with retail”.

Mike, Brett and John also plan to use the barn for events, launches and talks in future, with film nights and a Japanese food truck already on the cards. They are also looking for a coffee and ice cream cart that might want to park up on the premises, too.


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