New dog access times

Last month Auckland Council proposed a new time and season for dogs to be allowed on beaches and parks, which, if adopted, will apply to the whole of Auckland.

Currently times vary in different local board areas.

The proposal is for dogs to be prohibited from 10am-7pm on beaches and parks (that have time/date restrictions), from Labour Weekend to March 31.

Crs Wayne Walker and John Watson were the only councillors to vote against the proposal, saying that the existing rules are working well in the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board area.

Dog owners say that some of the biggest losers, if the new time and date definition is adopted, will be in this area, as the existing regional time and date seasonal restriction here is 10am to 5pm, from Labour Weekend to March 1.

A statement of proposal is to go back to the Council’s Regulatory Committee and Governing Body next February/March. It will then be notified so that the public can have a say, expected to be around May. Council aims to have any changes in place by the end of next year.


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