Much-loved parrot returned

Gina and Rachel were reunited after Rachel’s 18-day adventure.

A much-loved African grey parrot called Rachel has been reunited with her distraught owners.

Gina Zhou and Rodger Harman, of Gulf Harbour, were broken-hearted over Rachel’s disappearance last month and offered a $1000 reward for her return.

“The pain of losing her got worse with each passing day,” Gina says. “To me she is not just a parrot or a pet; she is part of our family.

“Words can’t explain how great we feel to have her home. It is such a relief.”

Gina and Rodger bought Rachel a year ago to keep their other African grey, Eddie, company.

They had just built an aviary for Eddie and thought he might be lonely in his new environment as he had been used to living in the house. Eddie and Rachel hit if off from the start, and spend the evenings in the house playing with their toys and watching TV.

“It was the happiest time of the day for us.”

But on the morning of September 20, Gina put them in a small cage to carry them into the house. After having a shower, she returned to find the cage door open.

“I have no idea how that happened, but African grey parrots are very smart. They have the brain of a five-year-old.”

After putting up posters, knocking on doors and making appeals on social media, Gina at last got the phone call she was waiting for.

“A sweet lady from Stillwater called to say she had her! She also sent me her photo. I couldn’t stop my tears as we drove to get her.”

Gina says Rachel was weak, but otherwise healthy, and the woman who found her would not accept the reward.

“She just said it was the right thing to do. This proves what a wonderful and friendly neighborhood we have here. Since I lost my parrot, I have met lots of great people, who taught me to me to stay positive and not to lose hope.”


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