Second vicious dog attack

Clair Turner comforts her surviving sheep from the first attack.

Auckland Council has impounded two dogs following a second attack on sheep in the McKinney Road area south of Warkworth, which left a further two sheep dead.

Last month, Mahurangi Matters reported the vicious mauling of 11 sheep in the area, which killed three of them.

The second attack occurred just days later on a neighbouring property.

Police were attending an unrelated incident when they spotted the dogs attacking the sheep. Police scared the dogs away. Their owner, who is known to police, was called to contain the dogs. The dogs were later taken away by Council officers.

One of the dogs is a bull mastiff cross, and the other is a pit bull terrier cross.

One of the dogs matched the description of a dog seen in the first attack.

The nature of the attacks in both incidents was similar, with a number of sheep having their ears bitten off.   

However, Warkworth police Sergeant Mark Stallworthy says it’s impossible to say at this stage whether the dogs responsible for the second attack were also responsible for the first attack.

Council animal management manager Sarah Anderson says DNA was taken from the sheep in the first attack and it will be tested as part of a Council investigation.

Ms Anderson was unable to say what might happen to the dogs or the dogs’ owner until the investigation was complete.


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