Colin Smith - Rodney Local Board - Wellsford Subdivision

Colin Smith - Rodney Local Board - Wellsford Subdivision

I am a direct descendent of the Albertlanders, and was born and raised in the Wellsford district. I am happily married to Michele and have three children and grandchildren. I am an automotive engineer by trade and have been involved in the family transport business, which was established in 1969. However, my mainstay employment is farming in Wharehine. I have extensive experience with various committees including chairing ratepayers committees for 25 years.

Why are you standing?
The Wellsford ward and its rural communities have been hard hit by historical under-investment in core infrastructure including water, sewerage and roading. There are fundamental flaws in a local government system that fails to provide these basic services to generational ratepayers. Our community is now demanding worth, recognition and action. I believe that with my skill-set, along with the voice of our strong community, we will compel Auckland Council to act in fairness to provide these services.

What are Wellsford’s main issues?
  •   •  Roading – A total re-vamp on the present system of capital input and maintenance distribution, and greater funding allocation for tar sealing would go some way to help the financial hardship incurred by heavily rated constituents living on these roads.

  •   •  Sewerage – The Wellsford sewerage system is over capacity, inadequate and illegal. It is inhibiting growth and hindering prosperity.

  •   •  Water – The Wellsford water supply infrastructure needs upgrading to enhance growth.

What do you hope to achieve?
Push for action on the above.

What unique skills can you offer?
I have spent a lifetime advocating for my community on local government matters. My knowledge of the area and community is unsurpassed, along with my ability to consult with local iwi and Council staff, put me in a greater position to bring together the voice of my community to help bring prosperity to Wellsford.


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