Predicting an industrial future

Tim Smyth will give his views on Warkworth’s industrial future at a talk on April 11.

A perceived failure of the Auckland Unitary Plan to adequately provide for industrial growth in Warkworth will be the subject of a talk at the Warkworth Town Hall on Wednesday, April 11.

The guest speaker will be Core Builders Composite co-construction manager Tim Smyth, who says that the 50 to 60 hectares identified for industrial expansion in Warkworth won’t accommodate “factories of the future”. He says the sites are too small and, as a result, too expensive.

“I’m surprised that the planning for Warkworth doesn’t recognise what the current industrial revolution is delivering,” he says. “Everything we think we know about building is being challenged.”

Tim’s talk will cover what a future factory will look like, the role of automation and the opportunities the latest industrial revolution presents for Warkworth.

“We are going to have to be a lot cleverer in the way we use resources in future. If we haven’t worked out how to build houses in factories by 2040, we won’t have much of a building industry. We’ll be importing ‘smart’ houses, pre-packaged from places like Korea, that are made from high tech composites, recyclable, guaranteed watertight, easily made, seismic-proof and light enough to put anywhere.

“Council has looked at the Morrison Drive industrial estate and said, “this is what industrial is”, but those sites are too small and too expensive for businesses of the future, such Core Builders or MS Engineering. We build big things and we need big factories.”

Warkworth Town Hall Talks is a free monthly event sponsored by Mahurangi Action and One Warkworth Business Association. Doors open at 5.15pm for a 5.30pm start.

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Stand Clear Doors Opening

Posted on 29-03-2018 10:23 | By Cimino Cole

The Warkworth Town Hall doors will actually be open from 5 pm on Wednesday 11 April, to give, those who wish, a little longer for tea, coffee, refreshments and chat, ahead of Tim Smyth’s talk.

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