Boat club cleans up act with major investment

Weiti Boating Club, on the banks of the Weiti River, is doing its bit to clean up its runoff.

An investment of more than $200,000 by a local boating club will see a state of the art filtration system built in the hope of improving the water quality of the Weiti River.

Weiti Boating Club sits on the banks of the Weiti River in Arkles Bay and chemicals in products used on boats are washed straight into the river.

The club has funded a filtration system that includes a large storage tank, elevated chemical treatment tank and two stormwater filtration devices.

It applied for resource consent to install the system last December and this was granted on February 26. Work began on the project this week and the system could be up and running in around 6-8 weeks.
In its resource consent application, the club notes that local residents had expressed concern about the contaminant run-off from the club and that the system should resolve many of those issues and offer long term protection to the Weiti River.

The key contaminant is antifoul, which is painted onto protect the hulls of boats but is also toxic and contains solid metals. When this is sanded off members’ boats it ends up in runoff that goes straight into the waterway.

To ensure the new system works, the club must also recontour the seaward side of the yard so that runoff flows back into the filtration system via a channel drain.

Commodore Evelyn Tate – who is believed to be the first female commodore to be elected at a local boat club – says she hopes that the club’s members will be proud of a system that makes boat maintenance easier, meets regulatory obligations and protects the river environment.

That a club of around 380 members can afford this system is testament to a solid seven-year fundraising effort. The club also owns its own moorings, which bring in a steady income.

Commodore Tate says that the system could become an example to other clubs.

“Once completed, it is suggested that the club provides appropriate information to other clubs and the marine fraternity in general,” she says. “Council may also give the club special environmental recognition.”

Celebrating 50 years of boating

Weiti Boating Club celebrates its 50th Jubilee this month. It was formed on reclaimed mangrove swamp and Jubilee committee chair Kerry Pearson says it was popular with boaties right from the start. The celebrations take place on March 23-25 and include a dine and dance at Wainui Golf Club. A special booklet recounting the club’s history has been printed. All present and past members, friends and associates are warmly invited to join in. Info: phone Katie Clark on 424 5905 or register at


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