Birds cause road hazard

When a large bird walked onto the motorway in front of Hibiscus Coast resident Robyn Wood’s car, the shock was such that she can’t even recall what kind of bird it was – but she knows it was very large.

The impact, which occurred on the northbound side of State Highway 1, north of Bawden Road, damaged the vehicle, including smashing a headlight.

Repairs amounted to $700. Often seen along country lanes, flocks of turkeys and geese are a cause for concern alongside a major state highway.

At this stage it is unclear where the responsibility for this potential road hazard lies.

If the birds are wild, then it falls to the NZ Transport Agency to handle the situation from a safety perspective.

If they are farm birds that are not being properly contained, then Auckland Council must sort out the problem with the owner of the birds.

Council asks anyone with any information regarding potential ownership of the turkeys and geese, which can be seen on the northbound side of State Highway 1 on the Hibiscus Coast, to contact them.

Any enquiries about highway safety should be directed to the NZ Transport Agency.

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