What Now is coming to town!

We are broadcasting live from location in Orewa from 8am-10am on Sunday March 4th.

On the afternoon of Saturday March 3rd (between 12.30-5.30pm) we do rehearsals on site.

We are also still hunting for a big, flat grassy location in which to broadcast from.

After 36 years in our Christchurch studios, New Zealand's longest running, highest rating and best loved children's TV series is going on the road around Aotearoa in 2018!

Our amazing presenters and crew will be travelling the length and breadth of the country with a wonderful new mobile set – shining the light on an epic 40 ‘towns’ in 40 weeks.

And one of the towns we have selected to showcase is yours!!!

Every Sunday, we aim to truly celebrate the people (especially the kids!) and unique culture of a different ‘town’. What makes your place so special? Who are your unsung heroes? Which children deserve special mention? Which celebrities credit your place with shaping them into the awesome individuals they are today?

To make this fantastic new road show work, we need talent! And we need it fast!

We want the very best of the best that each location has to offer – to star in our live, weekly two-hour broadcasts.

To follow are the segments that need filling up fast with fabulous folks – young and old – from your special ‘town’.

Highlighted in blue are the segments for which we need child talent. (5-12-year-olds)

But I’d also obviously love your thoughts on home grown talent for the adult categories too.

It’s your time to bask under the national spotlight. It’s your show.

So it’s only fair that you have a strong say in who stars in it!


Fifteen outgoing local children (aged between 5-12) needed for a pre-recorded ‘opening montage’ film shoot. This segment (to run at the top of the show) shows kids having fun at their favourite local haunts. Everything from their top local swimming hole to the best skate park. That sort of thing! We need a top.10 location list for this segment. What sort of cool activities/locations does your ‘town’ boast for kids that other towns can only dream of?! This film shoot takes place a couple of weeks prior to the actual live show. Normally on a Saturday or Sunday, so I need to lock in our child talent well in advance.


A segment where one of our presenters sneaks on to the property of a special someone(s) & wakes them up at the crack of dawn - inviting them to come along to the live show. Kids love this bit!

For this segment I am hunting for...

- SURPRISE Wake Up Call 'victim': Ideally a very well known and highly respected member of the community who is popular with both children and adults alike. This person is not to know that we are going to be paying the visit. This person is ideally someone with a bit of authority. Someone the kids will get a real kick out of seeing in their PJ's - potentially looking initially messy and annoyed at this early morning house call! Could be anyone from the major to the town librarian to the school bus driver that most of the area's kids have had dealings with. You get the picture!

- Wake Up Call kid crew: A small group of talented kids (no older than 13) to accompany our presenter and help wake the 'victim' up with a wall of deafening sound! Dancers, singers, musicians… We are totally open to any and all suggestions here!


Looking for a man or woman who is a big personality in the community. Someone who is altruistic, charitable/ legendary for going the extra mile for the good of the 'town'. Someone whom both kids and adults alike know and love. We want to give them a public pat on the back during our live show. Oh, and get them to play a messy gunge game with the kids, so a sense of humour is a must!


Needing to find an outstanding child or group of kids (aged between 5-12) who are absolutely passionate about something a little bit different. For example, in one town we're visiting, we are showcasing the work of a bunch of passionate gardeners & home cooks (garden to plate converts). Another ‘town’ has nominated a young boy who works tirelessly for world peace! Another has put forward a bunch of kids who are dedicated to clearing their town of plastic bags and recycling.


A segment where the town we are in gifts something very poignant to the next town we are visiting. This segment is designed to link communities together in the spirit of friendship. Pukekohe, for example, is famous for its potatoes, so they might decide to ‘gift’ a sack of them to the next town! Another town might be famous for its greenstone, so a special pounamu might be in order.

Who will source this gift(s) and which iconic local personality will be charged with presenting them, on television, to a representative of the next town we’re travelled to?


A man or woman who was born and bred or at least grew up in your ‘town’ and has become is bit of a local hero/heroine. Must be known and loved by our core audience of young folk and equally respected and liked by adults. Must be current (not too old!) and have a wicked sense of humour as they will be the victim of a messy game or two!


Looking for an amazing primary school teacher who deserves to be gunged by their pupils on live national television! This special individual (every school usually has at least one standout character!) is the one who is always doing something crack up for laughs. A bit of a quirky character (maybe they pride themselves on their embarrassing breakdancing!) who perhaps is also renowned for setting too much homework? Whatever the reason, they’re the teacher you think deserves some public humiliation at the hands of the kids!

The chosen teacher needs to be open to us filming at their place. This is a pre-recorded ‘Teacher Intro’ piece, where the kids get to see our teacher kicking back in their spare time in their natural habitat. What do they most love to do when they’re not teaching? We find out!

Our chosen teacher will also be required to bring their class to set on the Sunday, as it’s their students who will be in charge of whatever super messy game we dream up to embarrass their teacher!

A local group or singer/songwriter who is absolutely awesome and can wow the crowd with an upbeat 2 minute/30 second live stage performance that will have the massive crowd - kids and adults - on their feet! Could be kiddie talent. Could also be a teenagers/grown-up(s) who have hit the big time, whom we could fly in especially for the show.

CLASH OF THE CODES (2 rival teams needed)

A segment where two under-11 or under-12 sports teams - from different codes - go head to head in a crazy game. (Potentially with celebrity involvement). These youngsters must be hugely competitive and accomplished players who are prepared to pit their very different skills against a very different ‘enemy’ on live television!

Ideally we want teams who are top of their individual sporting tables or who have at least won a trophy or two and will take this competition seriously. Waka Ama vs netball? Bring it on!


A pre-recorded segment in which our presenters conduct a Skype interview with a very special local legend. (Or two) Dream big!

Time, as it typically is in the land of television, is of the absolute essence. So if you could please bounce some ideas around at the earliest possible opportunity and email me back with your thoughts, that would be fantastic.


I need to have received your response at least three weeks prior to your town’s live Sunday broadcast.

Please email: Julie.Roberts@whitebaitmedia.com

Make sure you pop your town in the subject line, so I can file your email into your town’s folder! ALSO please ensure you include mobile phone numbers where possible, so I can follow up after hours if necessary.

And here’s a peak at the incredible new What Now mobile set… From the skies!



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