Local Folk

Sonny Teio - Local Folk

After sustaining a beating from his alcoholic father, Sonny Teio gave up on life and followed a downward spiral into drugs, alcohol and street crime that brought him to the brink of suicide. He spoke to James Addis about finding a new life. My parents...... Read More

Local Folk - Brian Derby

One man, one ball, one dream. That was the combination that took Brian Derby from the rough streets of Glasgow to playing professional football for Barnsley FC. Guided by an uncle, he became a seasoned footballer before devoting himself to coaching...... Read More

Local folk: Tony Naidu

Tony Naidu of Gulf Harbour became a cricketer by accidentally getting in the wrong line, but went on to love it and to believe in the role of sport and recreation in a well-rounded lifestyle. Recently he was appointed as Auckland Cricket’s community...... Read More

Local folk: Dean Morris

Dean Morris’ first year on the Hibiscus Coast was about recovery from burn out and featured long walks on the beach and playing music in the sunporch of a bach in Stanmore Bay. Today he is more likely to be hard at work welding in his workshop...... Read More

Ex Sandspit sailor plays key part in America’s Cup

Former Sandspit resident Tim Meldrum fulfilled a boyhood dream when he played an important part in designing the America’s Cup-winning boat. The 40-year-old, who lives in North Shore, worked on the Team New Zealand boat for two-and-a-half years...... Read More

Local folk: Pauline Roth-Williams

Some people dream of building a yacht and casting off for adventures on the seven seas, but few have the tenacity, opportunity or courage to make it happen. Orewa resident Pauline Roth-Williams is one of those few. She arrived in New Zealand aboard...... Read More

Local folk: Frances Wilson-Fitzgerald

Every week, Frances Wilson-Fitzgerald endures the long commute from her home in Matakana to central Auckland to coach promising singers to perform on the world’s greatest stages. But she refuses to take a cent in payment, despite being a mentor...... Read More

Local folk: Eric Spurr

Eric Spurr of Manly is the man behind the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey, which he started as a hobby project. A retired scientist from Landcare Research, Eric, aged 71, has been involved in a number of bird monitoring projects that have taken him from...... Read More

Local Folk: Dennis Marwood, retired racing driver

Hear Dennis recount a story from his early days of racing at Levin in this video.   Watching the premier motor racing events of today, it’s hard to imagine drivers competing in t-shirts and jandals without safety belts, let alone helmets...... Read More

Local folk: James Taylor

At local Anzac Day parades, an impressive array of medals adorns the chest of Arkles Bay resident James Tayler. Alongside his own six medals, he wears six earned by his great grandfather who served in the South African War and World War I. James’...... Read More