Locally made sci-fi comedy proves a big hit

A scene from the papier mache film starring, from left, Daniel Pujol, Joseph Wycoff, Christian Nicolson, Sez Niederer and Lewis Roscoe.

A multi-award winning sci-fi comedy filmed partly in Matakana and Warkworth will screen in Matakana this month.

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy will be screened in Matakana  followed by a Q&A with director Christian Nicolson.

Christian says the film revolves around three guys who attend a sci-fi convention.

Unfortunately, while watching a B-grade movie at the convention they get sucked into the film and find themselves trapped in a rickety spaceship in a low-budget sci-fi universe.

The laser guns may look like an electric drill with a light bulb stuck on the end, but they really do fire lasers and can blow holes in walls.

The friends must fight off a myriad of obstacles, such as giant lizards and evil warlords, in their quest to return to normality.

Christian says he had long wanted to make on old style sci-fi film with ridiculous props, similar to early versions of Dr Who.

That dream started to become a reality when he entered a film competition, Make My Movie, about five years ago, which required finalising a script.

Although Christian’s film proposal did not win the competition, his ideas for it were so advanced that he decided to make it anyway.

That required Christian to build most of the props and sets himself and find $100,000 to fund the production.

Meanwhile, his wife, Kirianne, sewed nearly all the costumes.

Christian took about eight months to find a suitable cast.

He thought it would take about three months to film, but it actually took two years.

The film has gone on to win numerous awards, including best comedy at the Boston Sci-fi International Film Festival.

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy screens at Matakana Cinemas on Tuesday, October 24, at 8pm. Tickets are available from the cinema.


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