Embroiderers record history

Val Waterhouse will be a guest exhibitor at the Warkworth show.

The Magic of Embroidery is the theme of the Warkworth Embroiderers’ Guild biennial exhibition, which will be held in the new Masonic Lodge, Warkworth, on October 13 and 14.

As well as showcasing members’ work over the past two years, the show will feature a panel being stitched for the future.

The Tapestry Trust of NZ is creating a large series made up of 100 panels called New Zealand: A History in Stitch.

Embroiderers from around NZ are contributing to the mammoth project and Warkworth is working on Panel 93, depicting the district around the time of Governor Grey. The panel will be on display at the exhibition and members of the public will be invited to add a stitch or two.

Significant overseas tapestry cycles such as the Bayeux Tapestry, Leeds Tapestry and Prestonpans

Tapestry have shaped the scope, subject matter and techniques being used. When completed, the tapestry will be toured nationally.

The Warkworth exhibition will also feature the work of guest exhibitor, Val Waterhouse, formerly of Warkworth, but now resident on the Hibiscus Coast.

Val has been embroidering for 40 years and, in 2012, she was the recipient of a travel study grant, which she used to visit the William Morris Collection in Perth, Western Australia.

“I learned to embroider when my two girls were little because I wanted to embellish their clothes,” she says. “I’m now also involved in print making, book making and mixed media.”

Val says she loves the history of embroidery and the way each piece tells a story.

“It’s a very diverse craft. When you travel, you see how other cultures produce embroidery that is uniquely their own.”

The Warkworth Quilters will also be exhibiting at the show.

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