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Garden to Table encourages children to become great gardeners.

Subdivisions and urban housing rarely provide a large garden space, but landscaping is still an option for those with a small section.

Rotchford Landscapes owner Todd Rotchford says if anything, a small section magnifies a landscape so getting it right is important.

“When you’re looking at a large section things can be out of place, but with a small area it’s all in front of you, so if it doesn’t work you are going to notice,” Todd says.

He says small space landscaping can vary in cost from $10,000 to about $80,000 for a high-end finish.

“There are more and more sections being developed on steep land so to landscape those you need earthworks, which often puts the cost at the higher end of the scale.”

Todd recommends using lawn, plantings and rocks to save money.

“Lawn is cost-effective and can be used to break an area up into parts while certain plants can cover a reasonable area.

“Rocks are my favourite feature because they are reasonably priced and always have a natural look to them regardless of the design.”

More expensive additions can include a spa pool and retaining works to create different levels to the landscape.

“The biggest issue is often access; getting materials and machinery on site.

“With some subdivisions, it is almost impossible to get anything on site or everything has to be wheelbarrowed in.”

Todd says small spaces often mean compromises have to be made.

“You have to either focus your design around one big feature or have lots of smaller features.”

The size of planting also has to be thought through carefully. The roots of big trees will damage wooden boxing and fences, and large trees will block sunlight and drop leaves.


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