Entertainment focus for community RSA

Published April 12, 2017: The Hibiscus Coast Community RSA is battling to keep its doors open. President Frank Coggan (right) is pictured with long-time members, from left, Peter Cowlishaw and Les Watkins.

Two local businessmen have stepped up to offer their services free to the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA.

Business consultant Andy Thomason says Hibiscus Matters’ front-page story on the RSA’s financial struggles last April was the catalyst for him to get involved.

He has been working with the club, with the backing of the committee, for around eight weeks and a key focus is to improve communication within the club.

He also brought in a friend, Dean Morris of Storm Entertainment, who is working with the club in Vipond Road to make the most of what he says is a fantastic venue.

The tribute band shows that Dean put on at Jacs often brought in full houses. Dean is excited about the possibilities afforded by the RSA, which has the capacity for almost 400 people.

He began by talking with members. “It’s important that we provide something that existing members want, but also attract new members with a choice of musical genres,” Dean says.

He is bringing tribute bands such as Pink Floyd and The Eagles into the mix, as well as Open Mic nights. A Ball is planned for later in the year.

President Frank Coggan’s suggestion of a talent quest is another project, which is now underway. Coast Kids with Talent is open to anyone aged 13–19, with any kind of talent. Registration is open now and a series of shows at the RSA leading up to a grand final will start in September. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

There is a cash prize of $1000, or recording time to the same value.

Anyone interested in taking part can private message Dean Morris on Facebook or phone him on 021 183 1504.

An Open Day at the RSA is also planned for Saturday, September 9, which will include markets, entertainment and a dinner and dance in the evening. More details will be in this paper in due course.

“We want to show off this fantastic venue and make the most of it,” Dean says. “I’m really excited about bringing in a high level of entertainment and attracting new audiences who could become members.”


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