Introducing: Invive Spa

The opening of Invive Spa in Millwater will provide guests with an oasis of calm where they can nourish and re-energise.  That’s the promise of owner Hayley Nithi who is hoping that the spa will help busy people bring some balance to their lives.

“Regardless of your day-to-day activities, life can get chaotic,” Hayley says. “We all need time to disconnect, nourish and refuel.

“At Invive, we have added wellness to everything we do and deliver an undeniable experience with every interaction. We aim to re-frame the ideals around what true beauty is and we strongly believe what you give your body from the inside is just as important as what you give your body from the outside.”

Hayley moved to Millwater with her husband and young son two years ago.

“We love it here. It’s friendly and supportive, and because Millwater is such a new community, people are creating such a welcoming and supportive vibe.”

Hayley has taken her time to recruit therapists and yoga instructors who share the Invive vision.

“My background is in human resources, mainly growing and developing leaders and talent in large organisations, so I see myself as the Invive navigator, who will help our team, who are experts in their industry, to do their best for each and every guest who visits our spa. I have an abiding love of spas and when I travel, I make a point of visiting spas in other countries. Invive will reflect the very best of what I’ve learned through these experiences.”

The spa will offer treatments (spa treatment packages, massage, facials, body wraps and body scrubs, hand and feet care, and waxing), as well as yoga sessions for small groups.

“I took up yoga when I was pregnant and have experienced first-hand the benefits of incorporating yoga into my life. At Invive, we believe that wellness is influenced by variety so it is only natural yoga is part of our Invive story.”

Hayley says she has put her “heart and soul” into Invive.

“When someone takes the time to truly nourish themselves it has a ripple effect and everyone around them benefits – their family, friends and their community.”


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