Introducing: Beach Pizza

Owner Pranav Talati (left) and manager Arpit Chawla.

The owner of Beach Pizza Orewa, Pranav Talati, knows that good things take time.
In 2008, Pranav was packing shelves at the nearby supermarket.

“I always felt that Orewa would be a good place to own a small business, but I didn’t have the experience or funds to make it happen right then,” he says.

He went on to work for a major pizza chain in Auckland for 10 years where he learned everything he needed to know to set-up his own pizza shop in Beachlands a year ago.

His dream of opening a shop in Orewa happened earlier this year and a third shop, in Christchurch, is on the drawingboard.

“The 10 years that I worked in Auckland taught me everything I needed to know about costings, supplies and staff. But I could also see that there was a market for pizza using quality ingredients, which the chains can’t fulfil.

“The shop I worked in was one of the busiest in New Zealand – it was nothing to sell more than 1000 pizza a day.”

Manager Arpit Chawla says quality control is very important in ensuring that customers have a good experience.

“We use fresh ingredients and as much local produce as possible,” he says. “We also oven-bake the fries, wedges, chicken bites and so on, which is a healthier alternative to deep-frying. We have our own beef supplier and our own secret recipe for the pizza bases. Our prices aren’t the lowest, but we believe people are prepared to pay a little bit extra if you give them a quality pizza.”

The new business is taking full advantage of the convenience of the internet, using the app Menu Log to take orders. Online customers get a 15 percent discount off their first order and every eighth order is free.

Pranav says about 20 percent of their business is coming via the net. Customers can pre-order for a specific time, mix and match their pizza toppings, and choose to pick-up the pizza themselves or have it delivered.

“It is all about convenience and service, and quality.”


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