Puhoi Village planning bus turnaround

Plans to establish a proper school bus turnaround in Puhoi Village are underway to improve child safety and reduce congestion.

The Puhoi Community Forum hopes to construct the turnaround, with the capacity to hold more than one bus, in an open space opposite Puhoi River Motors.

As it stands busses are forced to do a three point turn using the one way bridge that links to the Puhoi Sports Club carpark. 

Puhoi Community Forum co-chair Dustyn O’Leary says it’s an issue that everyone in the community talks about. “We are looking to put this in as infrastructure for the long term,” Dustyn says. The project would also include a footbridge for access to the turnaround over the river arm that runs between the open space and the sports club. “Currently there is no safe pedestrian route across the river arm so the footbridge will be essential if we want to do this project.”

The forum plans to have costings and public consultation sorted before next year, however approval is also needed from Auckland Transport (AT).

“I have contacted three people from AT and I’m yet to have any feedback on the idea.” Dustyn says the main issue will be soil stability and run off into the river, but would like to see the project completed in the next two years.

Talks are also being held with Puhoi River Motors owner Russell Green with possible concerns that vehicles may use his premises as parking due to its location.

The turnaround could also cater for tour busses to free up car parking in the village. The whole project is expected to cost within the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which will be covered by grants and fundraising.


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