School hangs pool funding on peg

Peg at Mahurangi Matters: “It was clear she could grasp facts quickly, had a good grip on local matters and was tenacious enough not to let go of a good lead,” staff observed.

A small green plastic clothes peg has become an unlikely, but highly successful, fundraiser for Leigh School, thanks to a quirky virtual ‘buy and sell’ scheme that’s gone viral in the community.

‘Miss Peg’ was just another clothespin until early March, when David Crockett spotted her in a photo of a pile of bricks advertised on the Love Leigh Facebook page.

He decided to buy the peg “because it was lighter than the pile of bricks” and then put it back up for sale on the same page as follows: “Good green peg … One owner, heaps of spring. I paid $5 for it … $1 for her, $4 for the school. If it gets sold all around town, it will be a very good peg. Any offers? Proceeds to Leigh School.”

David’s daughter, Melissa Crockett-Joyoue, then bought Peg and re-advertised her and before too long locals were queuing up to buy Peg and spend some time with her.

Wild adventures, much dressing up and many online photos have followed, with Peg spotted stand up paddleboarding, diving, playing golf and tree cutting, as well as attending weddings, parties, Matariki ceremonies and the Lions rugby match in Whangarei. She even had a go at reporting for Mahurangi Matters.

All of Peg’s sale proceeds are going towards the $7000 total needed to re-seal and paint the lining of Leigh School’s swimming pool. Melissa Crockett-Joyoue, who looks after communications for the school, says she originally thought selling Peg might raise about $50 if they were lucky, but by early July, more than $1750 had been made.

“What I really like is that it’s the community that has really run with this, not just people connected with the school,” she says. “Leigh has such a strong community feeling, but also a sense of quirkiness, and that’s encouraging people to get inspired and involved. Peg’s movements takes a bit of managing, but it’s well worth it.”

Info: Love Leigh Peg on Facebook


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