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14:08 Tue, 6 Aug
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14:23 Tue, 6 Aug


Introducing: PortuGrill

Perfecting Mozambique/Portuguese flavours with an added barbeque fusion has been the focus of the menu at Ōrewa's... read more

14:08 Tue, 6 Aug


Cannabis a hot issue

The most recent parliamentary recess has given me three weeks of uninterrupted time in the electorate, which I have really enjoyed.... read more

Claiming vehicle expenses

If you use your vehicle for business there are several options that you can choose from to get reimbursement for that use. Vehicle... read more

Fishing - Tasty fun

For those of you who religiously pack away your boat and gear for the winter each year, why not try your hand at squid fishing? Those... read more

Health - Fighting flu

There have been some pretty ugly flu-type symptoms around lately: fevers, aches, pains, accompanied by diarrhoea, vomiting and a pretty... read more

An unsung hero

There are some organs in the body that don't get enough credit – when was the last time you thought about your pituitary... read more

Environment - Plane shame

In many ways, being an environmentalist is like having a religion. Both require devotion, patience, compassion and a sense of higher... read more