Itchy pets

Itchy skin is one of most common presentations we see at Wellsford Vets during the summer months. Higher levels of humidity, coupled... read more

My cup runneth over!

Every summer I struggle with an overabundance of fruit and veggies. Not a big problem you might think, after all too much is better... read more

Harvesting honey

January and February are usually the months when beekeepers look forward with trepidation to harvesting their bees' hard work. It is... read more

Zap it in the microwave

It was a routine shopping experience in Warkworth. I was considering changing the diet of my dog, Luna, from kibble to meat. The shop... read more

Health goals

It is often said that people don't appreciate their health until it is taken away. Just ask those living with chronic pain, a shock... read more

Knowledge is power

Most New Zealanders probably know that we have an ambitious goal of our country being predator-free by 2050. But how many people really... read more

Legendary men

Hi honeys, I'm home! Ha ha ha. Yes, back from the wildest adventure that incorporated severe impoverishment, humility and humanity... read more