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10:57 Mon, 13 Nov
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Beach clean for Omaha

An annual Omaha Beach clean-up day will be run on November 19, from 1pm to 3pm. The day will be about picking... read more

11:20 Mon, 13 Nov


Hungry livestock

Feeding cattle, sheep and horses has been tough given the weather conditions experienced this year. This has resulted in low pasture... read more

Hive of activity

Spring. When weather conditions make us smile, blossoms and flowers appear, bees are busily bringing in food and beehives are rapidly... read more

Honouring the Home Guard

The centennial of WWI has raised awareness of New Zealand's sacrifices during that ‘Great War' and subsequent conflicts. In 1994,... read more

Blokes and sheds

I've been a very bad, bad girl. I have committed the ultimate farmer's wife sin and cleaned out the shearing/tool shed with a mindset... read more

Battling bugs

Like many people these days, although I'm not strictly organic, I prefer not to use chemical sprays in my garden, particularly on any... read more

Saving Private Gecko

A year ago, 80 Duvaucel's geckos were reintroduced to the Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary after more than a century of being absent... read more

Managing your affairs

With couples re-partnering on multiple occasions during their lifetimes, the legal implications for structuring their affairs are now... read more

Price of a politician

Who wants to be a politician?  Regarded as one of the least trusted professions, it requires no special qualification. I was recently... read more