Hibiscus Matters Letters – September 16, 2020

 Cannabis confusion Graham Johnson, Orewa (abridged) I refer to the article in Hibiscus Matters August 19 issue, regarding the Cannabis Referendum. The question that will be asked in the referendum “Do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation...... Read More

Cuts affect school safety

Now that Spring is here, it is difficult to think of a catchphrase to summarise the year so far.  However, in local Government there is one such phrase that we are getting all too familiar with, and that is ‘budget cuts’! While it appears...... Read More

Spring skies

Spring is my favourite time of year, particularly as an astronomer. The weather is warming up, which makes for a more comfortable skygazing experience, yet the skies are not affected by heat haze which can distort the thing we are trying to observe –...... Read More

Gentle ways to lose the Covid curves

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones who changed your life routines in a positive way from the Covid-19 situation. For others it increased work pressure and uncertainty, as well as stress at home juggling family life, socially and financially. In...... Read More

Food choices now more important than ever

 Resilience is a key word right now – and to make yourself stronger involves taking action. When you take positive action each day it creates hope, confidence and success. Focus on taking positive action and you will stay strong in body and...... Read More

Knees need help

 It seems to me that a lot of people come to the doctor quite late after a knee injury, but it is important to be assessed early, because in most cases early intervention improves the outcome. The knee is a complex and fascinating joint. It consists...... Read More

Green grass of home

To live a healthy life with a healthy mind, a good place to start is with gratitude. Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what one has and often requires a conscious effort to count one’s blessings. While this has been a turbulent and...... Read More

Cartoon - Living it up in lockdown

When Alert Level 3 lockdown was announced late on Tuesday, August 11, Mahurangi was resigned and disappointed. It had been over 100 days since the last case of community transmission in New Zealand, and life was just starting to feel like it was returning...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 16 September 2020 - You say online

Last week, the Labour Party announced that if re-elected it will make Matariki (the start of the Māori New Year) an official public holiday in 2022. We asked our Facebook followers what they thought. Here were some of the responses: Kristine Dowson...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 16 September 2020 - Readers Letters

Board games In response to Rodney Local Board chair Phelan Pirrie’s letter “Alternative facts” (MM Sept 2). Thank you for pre-announcing future political promises to our constituents. We live in hope that it all happens. So, let’s...... Read More

On the farm - Warming up

The bare winter branches were decorated with diamanté webs this morning as a low fog clung to the valley – very quickly to be burnt off by unseasonably warm early morning sunshine. As I write, the mercury is wavering above 19 degrees. We...... Read More

Animals - Blocked cat

Urethral obstruction in cats is a fairly common condition encountered in small animal practice. It affects primarily young to middle-aged neutered males. The condition presents itself as unsuccessful attempts to urinate. Restlessness interspersed...... Read More

Country Living - Maiden voyage

My husband will bust his balls on a still day to go for a kayak on our beloved Kaipara Harbour. I had never really concerned myself with her ebb and flow times of day. For me, she has always been like a big organic bed, and when she decides to roll her...... Read More

Science - Covid vaccine quest

When will Covid-19 end? Scientists are racing to produce safe and effective vaccines by next year. Progress is now accelerating and becoming more focused. There are 36 vaccines in clinical trials on humans, plus 89 pre-clinical vaccines under active investigation,...... Read More

Hauturu - Fungi business

Te Hauturu-o-Toi is a treasure chest of species of all sorts, many now missing from the mainland. This is partly due to its isolation and ruggedness, but also the low impact of human presence over the centuries and its preservation as a nature reserve...... Read More

History - Ghosts of a kauri forest past

I am sure that many New Zealanders have often tried to visualise the historic cover of our modified landscape. Around Warkworth and the Mahurangi district this is not difficult to imagine, as there is still much evidence to show that the land was once...... Read More

Books - September 2020 Reads

Into The Unknown: The secret WW1 diary of Kiwi Alick Trafford By Ian Trafford,  Penguin rrp $38 Firstly, it must be said that non-fiction is not my forte and secondly, I have noticed there seems to be a resurgence of books based on war stories...... Read More

Wine - Festival Month

Next month is fast becoming an important one for winegrowers around the Matakana Coast area. Not only do we watch with excitement as the new bright green shoots burst out on the vines, we also gear up for what seems to be turning into “festival...... Read More

Viewpoint - Your city needs you

It’s great to be back at Covid-19 Alert Level 2, with some additional restrictions in Auckland, and to enjoy the fact that we can get around the city and that businesses closed under Level 3 can operate again. We want to see our status return to...... Read More