Focus on Whangaparaoa

Over the last fortnight our focus has most certainly been on Whangaparaoa, particularly its future and development as a lively community hub. The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board officially launched our Whangaparaoa Town Centre Plan at a widely attended...... Read More

Should you insure your kids?

When you think of all things financial, insurance is probably one of the least exciting of them all (after credit card debt perhaps), but it is more important than you might think. Kiwis are starting to understand insurance better, but it blows my mind...... Read More

Find your fun

When I was 14 years old I was hit by a car and died, twice. I was told if I fully recovered movement it would be laboured and my body would be arthritic by the time I reached the age of 40. I decided to prove them wrong and do more – of everything....... Read More

Retailers seething over planned Neville St closure

Warkworth retailers are furious at a planned partial closure of Neville Street by Auckland Transport (AT). Retailers and café owners on Neville Street complain the closure will be devastating for businesses and threatens their livelihoods and...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 14 March 2018

Simply incorrect One Warkworth Business Association wishes to correct a statement made in the article Oaks contractors’ illegal parking hurting local retailers (MM February 28). The article said One Warkworth has done nothing about complaints from...... Read More

Off the Record - 14 March 2018

Mixed messages Valentine’s Day is a busy day for florists so who can blame them if they use a bit of shorthand on some of the message cards. However, one florist was mortified to learn that her young apprentice had sent out a bouquet of the flowers...... Read More

Fertile discussion

There are a lot of opinions about fertilizer requirements. Many people believe natural is good and artificial is bad. I am a simple person. When I put fertilizer on my garden the vegetables grow well and look better than store bought vegetables. When...... Read More

Cool welcome

This summer has been a good one for gardeners, with lots of heat and rain providing ideal conditions for growth.  However, I have to admit the subtropical conditions have left me a little exhausted. I can see why outdoor workers in tropical countries...... Read More

Surface tension

I doubt there is an inhabitant of Auckland who has not laid eyes on some form of grotesque and bloated wastage of ratepayer monies, but the current happenings in my community of Tapora would have to come fairly close to being a “cake topper”...... Read More

Vintage variations

I’m not going to dwell on the wet weather. NIWA’s predictions of higher than average rainfall in late summer, which I detailed in my last column, came true. It’s a tough one for winegrowers, but we persevere. Winegrowers often need to...... Read More

Dotterels stage a come back

Twenty-four New Zealand dotterel chicks fledged this season at Tawharanui, the most since the Sanctuary was established 16 years ago. Although the chick numbers are highest, the adult:chick ratio was lowered due to the fact that the pair numbers increased...... Read More

Journey by steamship

A current project for the Albertland Museum involves transcribing unpublished manuscripts from our Edwin Stanley Brookes (Jnr) collection.  The following is an edited excerpt from “A Trip to the Bay of Islands, Whangaroa and Mangonui”. On...... Read More

Control devices

Today we are having to parent our way through things that we ourselves were not parented through. I’m talking specifically about technology. One of our jobs as parents is to put in limits for our children to help them flourish. I notice in my own...... Read More

Mother of all budgets

Right now, Auckland Council is seeking your feedback on two plans that will be instrumental in shaping Auckland’s future over the coming decade and beyond. The first is the 10-year Budget (also known as the Long-term Plan). This is the most important...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters – March 2018

Free not easy Reuben Tylor, Orewa. Published March 1, 2018 At first light I go for my morning walk through Arundel Reserve. This morning there are 14 vehicles of various kinds camping overnight (less than normal). They ignore the clearly marked restriction...... Read More

Make your voice heard

This is going to be an interesting year as we will be looking at the next 10-year budget for Auckland Council. Close scrutiny is required to make sure we are getting our fair share for the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area. I often hear “we didn’t...... Read More

Turtle Rescue

More than 100 turtles urgently need new homes after pouring into Auckland Reptile Rescue. The Whangateau-based service is at full capacity, caring for around 150 turtles, and wants to find people willing to adopt them. Turtles are regularly dropped...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 28 February 2018

Shocked at dog owners I feel compelled to write to you after reading the article in your paper (MM February 14) about Shelley Sage and the dog that knocked her over and what she has had to go through. I am shocked and angered to read that the people...... Read More

The Earth Cries Out

By Bonnie Etherington Also longlisted for the 2018 Ockham Acorn Fiction Prize is this debut novel from Bonnie Etherington. After the accidental death of Ruth’s five-year-old sister, their father decides that atonement and healing are in order,...... Read More