Hibiscus Matters Letters, April 17, 2019

Thanks for the hand up Pamela Lelean, Orewa On March 26 I had a bad fall in Cammish Lane, Orewa. I want to thank the kind people who came to help – from the dental premises, Labtests, and someone from Restyle Boutique who came out with a fur coat...... Read More

But is it recyclable?

Sometime ago I received a press release about a new product – fruit pulp in a squeezable plastic container. Politely I asked how you recycle this packaging, which was new at the time, and was told there were no options currently. I suggested it...... Read More

Boards seek more power

The time that our local board spent on advocating for the reduction of the development contribution catchments and their areas of spend is most certainly paying dividends. New playgrounds, toilet blocks and sportsfields are at last being developed...... Read More

Warkworth crossings spark heated public criticism

A Warkworth-Wellsford bus driver has added her voice to a flurry of complaints about the siting of to new pedestrian crossings in Warkworth. Heather Moyle, who drives the 998 bus, says the crossings are too close to the roundabout at the bottom of...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 17 April 2019 - Letters

Harbour pollution I wish to correct the erroneous statement in the last issue (MM Apr 3) with reference to the breakage of the sewer pipe at Point Wells. There was definitely discharge into the harbour and several residents witnessed it. Laurence Eyres,...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 17 April 2019 - Off the Record

Coming after all? Housing stock in upmarket Omaha looked set to diversify with a Ministry of Homes and Housing Development sign on Takatu Road advising 150 affordable kiwi build homes were on their way. Before Omaha residents had time to digest the prospect,...... Read More

Knowledge is power

Beekeepers are a funny bunch. I reckon we are quirky mostly due to the amount of time we spend crouched or bent over with our bums to the wind talking and listening to bees. Put four of us together in a room and soon there will be a buzzing conversation...... Read More

Character building

Recent months have seen a number of new animal welfare regulations introduced and more are coming in future months. Traditionally, regulations have covered adequate food, water, shelter and appropriate handling, but there is a movement toward incorporating...... Read More

Losing my virginity

I was a 47-year-old “big phat manu” virgin. A “big phat manu” is derived from the Maori word (manu) meaning bomb, which is basically uber-cool speak for “I’m going to do a bommie into the water”.  Of course,...... Read More

Winter around the corner

Before I get started on an update, I thought it would be good to clarify who “TOSSI” is. The Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary Society (TOSSI) was formed in 2002 to help make the Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary project a reality. TOSSI works in partnership...... Read More

Heading into winter

Your plants (and probably you!) might be exhausted after a long, hot and hopefully productive summer. Some can be coddled along a bit more, others may need to be terminated; the plants, not the gardener! Heavy feeding crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers,...... Read More

Delightful destination

Even before motor transport was available, picnic parties and summer campers found their way to Snells Beach. My grandmother, like others of her generation, brought her family to stay in home-made ridge pole tents. A letter survives, written in 1917,...... Read More

Soothing connections

We all have a brain that is structured in such a way that requires it to be soothed in order to fully function. Sometimes we need support to feel soothed – a kind friend, a loving family member, a friendly face in the street. These gentle loving...... Read More

More changes needed

Well, the local body elections are due this year and we are into the last year of the three-year Rodney Local Board plan. In 2018, we had the introduction of a $150 targeted rate for each ratepayer in Rodney. The targeted rate was for the purpose of delivering...... Read More

Gutsy approach to immunity

With winter approaching, I have had many people wanting to talk about how they can use nutrition to support their immune system and keep winter bugs at bay. As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine.” We know that real food contains...... Read More

Finger on pulse of rat removal

We’re coming into autumn, a time of change. The days are getting shorter and cooler, leaves on deciduous trees are yellowing, and we start thinking of the winter ahead. Rats and mice are also getting ready for the colder months, moving around in...... Read More

Winter watching

With the onset of winter, we usually prefer to be inside in the warmth as soon as the sun goes down. The downside is that we miss the time when the skies give us the very best things to see. The Southern Hemisphere night sky contains a far greater range...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters April 3 letters

Too many choppers Mark Putnam, Stanmore Bay Can anyone tell me who I should be aiming questions at regarding the increase in helicopters flying over Stanmore Bay at all time of day or night? I am not talking about rescue or police units, but private...... Read More

Sports spending in the spotlight

As the winter sports codes start to click into gear it’s good to see the improvements that have been made to our parks, reserves and leisure facilities around the Coast. In recent times there’s been considerable investment put into upgrading...... Read More