Cannabis a hot issue

The most recent parliamentary recess has given me three weeks of uninterrupted time in the electorate, which I have really enjoyed. I have been busy running clinic days and attending community events. One of the highlights was the Generation Homes Rotary...... Read More

Claiming vehicle expenses

If you use your vehicle for business there are several options that you can choose from to get reimbursement for that use. Vehicle expenses can be claimed on either the actual running cost of the vehicle (whereby all expenses are taken into account...... Read More

Abused reserve should be sold says resident

A Warkworth resident, disgusted at vandalism and dumping at a local reserve, says it’s not worth keeping as a public facility and Auckland Council should sell it off. Chris Wilkinson says the problems at a section of Wairere Reserve, on the eastern...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 7 August 2019 - Readers Views

Dangers of 5G In response to Simon Green’s letter to the editor (MM July 17), I congratulate Mahurangi Matters for publishing an article on 5G (MM July 3). It is, in fact, a very serious matter, and I suggest that Simon Green does some real in depth...... Read More

Cuisine - Fabulous fritters

My latest cuisine column comes at the request of an amazing single father looking for a cracker fritter recipe for his hauls of fresh shellfish. This recipe, with accompanying dip, is super-easy and can be used with fresh mussels, cockles, pipis or tuatuas....... Read More

Fishing - Tasty fun

For those of you who religiously pack away your boat and gear for the winter each year, why not try your hand at squid fishing? Those of you who do catch them will all agree that they are super tasty and great fun to catch. The nice thing about squid...... Read More

Science - Cars of the future

Reviewing the exceptional characteristics of the most advanced autonomous electric vehicles (such as the Volvo 360c), it becomes apparent that we are observing a transformation in the nature and functions of the automobile itself.   The transformation...... Read More

Health - Fighting flu

There have been some pretty ugly flu-type symptoms around lately: fevers, aches, pains, accompanied by diarrhoea, vomiting and a pretty good cough, too. It always seems true to human form that when we are stuck in the wrath of a flu or similar, we are...... Read More

An unsung hero

There are some organs in the body that don’t get enough credit – when was the last time you thought about your pituitary gland, for example?  I can tell you that, despite its anonymity, none of us would be alive without it. It’s...... Read More

One Warkworth - Information Centre stays

Recently, there have been some murmurings around Warkworth that the Information Centre is about to close. This has no doubt been brought about by news that One Warkworth has, after consultation with Matakana Coast Tourism, decided that the joint venture...... Read More

Environment - Plane shame

In many ways, being an environmentalist is like having a religion. Both require devotion, patience, compassion and a sense of higher good. Experiences of nature take on a reverent quality, they invoke meditative reflection about the world, inspire awe...... Read More

Viewpoint - Death with dignity

Mahurangi-based MPs were asked to comment on The End of Life Choice Bill in light of the views of Warkworth GP and chair of the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) Kate Baddock (MM July 3). My views only got a brief hearing in the original article...... Read More

Lime and fig slow roasted lamb shanks

The days might be slowly getting longer but the nights are still cool as we near spring. To enjoy the last of the satisfying hearty winter meals, these slow roasted lamb shanks are just the thing. Try them for a lazy Sunday dinner with a glass of red...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - July 17, 2019

Cut cost of crossing Christina Mackenzie, Orewa We should no longer be surprised by the gross amounts of money that are spent on simple pieces of infrastructure, such as a pedestrian crossing (HM July 3). But this one really takes the prize. A crossing...... Read More

‘Bermageddon’ opposed

At last week’s Local Government NZ conference a resolution promoted by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport that sought the power to fine people who park on grass roadside berms that don’t have ‘no parking’ signs, was roundly...... Read More

Weight loss easy in Winter

People tell me all the time that summer is the best season to lose weight. The theory goes that in summer it is easy to exercise more and eat light foods.  Barbecues mean simple meals of meat and salad and during those particularly hot weeks, humidity...... Read More

Wrap up and walk

On a recent calm morning I was checking a rat-trap line on the shore near Stillwater and came across a pair of brown teal in a quiet corner. This may sound commonplace, but until recently it would have been unheard of. Brown teal are New Zealand’s...... Read More

Many names for Matariki

This is the season of Matariki – the start of the traditional Maori and Polynesian new year. In astronomy, this group of stars brings with it a lot of surprises. Matariki is known by many other names around the world: Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Messier...... Read More

Pooches prohibited at Pakiri Beach and park

Dog owners who want to take their dogs to Pakiri Beach will need a boat or helicopter to legally do so. Last month, dog owners were confronted by a new sign at Pakiri River Road saying dogs were prohibited at all times at what has been a well-loved...... Read More