Hibiscus Matters Letters - 18 July 2018

Safety first Kathy Joyce Stanmore Bay Mr Hannan, no no no! Are you seriously putting the Boulevard concept ahead of people’s safety? Why don’t you just close the Boulevard and make it just for pedestrians and let all traffic use another...... Read More

Marina land not gone yet

A Council decision is expected this month regarding the possible sale of Council owned marina land at Gulf Harbour (HM July 4). In my view, red herrings were put up by the Council property company Panuku; that the Public Works Act could not be used...... Read More

Regulations protect public

As a long time advocate of a more regulated financial industry, I am excited to see that new regulations for financial advisers are coming. Currently, there is a huge shortfall in client protection when dealing with some types of financial adviser. Insurance...... Read More

Bungled sewage repair job pollutes Kaipara Harbour

Tonnes of sewage was needlessly allowed to flow into the Kaipara Harbour for days after Watercare failed to properly attend to burst pipes. The Wellsford representative on the Rodney Local Board, Colin Smith, says the incident is symptomatic of more...... Read More

Wanted rooster

A new resident appeared on Warkworth’s Alnwick Street last month and has been making a fair bit of noise since then. Nobody seems to know quite where the black rooster came from, but due to the noise it makes, most people know it’s there....... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 18 July 2018

Drowning in poo Thank you for putting “our plea” in your Off the Record article, “Putting the ‘dump’ back into dumpster” (MM May 30). Alas, the sign has not helped. I am unsure which part of, “Please...... Read More

Fighting for Rodney

Last month, nine Auckland councillors, including myself, signed a highly-publicised letter criticising the leadership style of Auckland Mayor Phil Goff – a style labelled secretive and non-inclusive. This was followed by further accusations of bullying...... Read More

The complete package

As well as growing grapes and making wines, the Matakana Winegrowers spend a lot of time and effort working to promote and sell not just our own products, but the region as a whole. We inevitably find that while people love good wine, they also want to...... Read More

Grow your own

Homebuilders has a new workshop series to encourage people to grow and eat some of their own food.  It’s taught by passionate gardener, cook and author of Grow Your Own Kai, Lisa Talbot. The workshops will be fun – Lisa is also a comedian...... Read More

Call the midwife

Midwife Maggie Cramp with Daisy Farmer, the daughter of one of her patients, in 1905. Photo, W H Marsh Collection As one baby in particular has been in the news lately, I thought it appropriate to recall what childbearing was like for pioneer women....... Read More

Planting exposé

Every year, TOSSI in partnership with Auckland Council host public planting days at Tawharanui on the first Sunday in June, July and August. Each day, 5000 trees are planted. But what happens behind the scenes to make this all possible, and what happens...... Read More

Fuel Saving Tips

Love it or loathe it, the reality is that the controversial regional fuel tax is now here. While the rest of the country is no doubt wondering what all the fuss is about given that they were already paying more at the pump, those of us in Auckland are...... Read More

Muddy hell!

If I lay my eyes upon one more glossy flyer in the mail depicting children frolicking in shiny, clean gumboots, I’m going to lose my rag. This image is just too far removed from my current reality. Manufacturers can put whatever cute images on them...... Read More

Update on Bovis

While the outbreak and control measures to contain Mycoplasma Bovis have caused disruption to many farm businesses and considerable mental anguish, this has been mainly in the South Island. As of June 2018, only four or five properties have been found...... Read More

Snug in the greenhouse

In the darkest depths of winter there is nowhere in the garden that I’d rather be than cooped up snugly in my greenhouse. It can be howling a gale, teeming with rain or crackly with frost, and I’m dry, warm and happy. As are my plants. This...... Read More

Are you truly hungry?

Do you notice that when the temperature drops you feel hungrier than usual? If so, you are not alone. Recently, I’ve had many clients complaining of hunger and this seems to happen every winter. If the body is working hard to stay warm it makes...... Read More

Networking for the environment

For several years now, conservation groups in the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area have met periodically for informal discussions on how to work together better, to share information on what they are doing and to hear from experts on methods and techniques...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - July 4, 2018

Life lessons Charlotte Gray, Tindalls Bay. I was standing on my brakes, heading down the hill on Whangaparaoa Rd towards what I now call The New World Intersection. I thought about my life. Where did I go wrong? Instead of working as a poorly paid and...... Read More

Onwards and upwards

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board has adopted its Local Board Agreement for the 2018/19 year. It has been a busy time getting the agreement developed, consulted on and adopted. It is pleasing to see that many people got involved – via a formal...... Read More