Advocating for better roads

This year, the Rodney Local Board is focussed on delivering the key initiatives in our local board plan and while we are making great strides in most areas, one we are yet to see a result from is this: Advocate to the [Council] Governing Body and to Auckland...... Read More

Protesters say landfill leachate threatens

About 20 protesters returned to State Highway 1, this time near the Hill Street intersection on Waitangi Day, to continue to voice their opposition to a proposed landfill in the Dome Valley.     Industry giant Waste Management wants...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters letters February 13, 2019

Kindness of strangers Marguerita Minns, Stanmore Bay I had just been discharged from North Shore hospital, where I had spent 24 hours under observation and receiving treatment, and being looked after as if I was the only person who needed treatment....... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 13 February 2019 - Readers Letters

Out damned weir The proposed removal of the Warkworth Weir (MM Jan 16) has sparked a remarkable outpouring of emotion, but little objective analysis. I feel that it’s time for some pointed questions and a few facts. The crux of the issue is the...... Read More

Itchy pets

Itchy skin is one of most common presentations we see at Wellsford Vets during the summer months. Higher levels of humidity, coupled with an increase in the numbers of pollens and fleas, increases the likelihood of your dog starting to itch. Self-trauma...... Read More

My cup runneth over!

Every summer I struggle with an overabundance of fruit and veggies. Not a big problem you might think, after all too much is better than too little. However, when you’ve got eight crates of plums to get through, not to mention a glut of tomatoes,...... Read More

Harvesting honey

January and February are usually the months when beekeepers look forward with trepidation to harvesting their bees’ hard work. It is also when backs groan, knees ache, sweat pours and muscles pack in. A full box (super) of honey can weigh from 18...... Read More

Zap it in the microwave

It was a routine shopping experience in Warkworth. I was considering changing the diet of my dog, Luna, from kibble to meat. The shop manager advised us about the benefits of a more natural diet of protein for dogs, reminding us of their distant evolutionary...... Read More

One size doesn’t fit all

In my view, the principle of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ has special application to the Hibiscus Coast. When it comes to freedom camping, dog rules, set netting, service centres, youth facilities, park and ride, bus services, boat launching,...... Read More

Health goals

It is often said that people don’t appreciate their health until it is taken away. Just ask those living with chronic pain, a shock diagnosis or any kind of debilitating illness. So whilst you might set a goal this year of a special holiday or...... Read More

Knowledge is power

Most New Zealanders probably know that we have an ambitious goal of our country being predator-free by 2050. But how many people really know what that means? How will it be achieved? What will it cost? Who will be involved in the work that needs to be...... Read More

Legendary men

Hi honeys, I’m home! Ha ha ha. Yes, back from the wildest adventure that incorporated severe impoverishment, humility and humanity at its best – along with some of the best coral reef gardens I have seen anywhere in the world. Culminating,...... Read More

Great summer catches

What great weather we are having this summer. Even better has been the fishing over the summer holidays. Normally the fishing gets tough while holiday-makers are swarming over our local waters. But not this year. Many who did go fishing can attest to...... Read More

The art of listening

It’s ‘a no-brainer’ they say: Good communication is essential to having a good relationship. The art of listening is the quiet and receptive aspect of good communication and the subject for today. Ideally when listening, we are required...... Read More

£22 house

Building a house 150 years ago was simple. Settlers chose the best site on their property and either erected their own dwelling or hired an expert to do it. In 1865, the Rev Edwin Stanley Brookes arrived in New Zealand with his family, staying temporarily...... Read More

Celestial pairings

Last year will go down as one of the most exciting years in astronomy. Both Saturn and Mars were at their closest points to Earth which made them very easy to spot in the night skies. New planets were discovered in another galaxy, the moon met Venus...... Read More

Community makes a garden

The Manly community garden was originally set up as a demonstration garden to teach horticultural initiatives. When the classes were discontinued, it fell into disuse and was soon overtaken by the kikuyu grass that is so prevalent here. When it was...... Read More

Hibiscus 1 to the rescue

January 3 turned into a 15 hour day (about twice as long as usual), which included a rescue, a Mayday and a couple of other interesting challenges. We started the shift with a pager call at 7.15am to assist a launch with mechanical problems anchored...... Read More

Local Opinion

Towards the end of last year, a survey by telco 2degrees found that community newspapers and magazines remain the leading source of local news for New Zealanders. A total of 29 percent of the 2000 people surveyed chose local papers, with the next most...... Read More