Summertime blues

I would like to thank Wellsford residents and ratepayers for the support that they have given me by using the Auckland Council complaints number system (CAS). I am concerned that the Wellsford town has a lot of private property and Council land that...... Read More

Summer excursions

 In the early 1900s, Albertland’s roads were practically non-existent so settlers relied on waterborne transport. Shepherd’s Store, in Port Albert, made a regular monthly run to Kaiwaka, delivering goods and cargo aboard the Ivy, George...... Read More

Snapper matters

Those who live, or holiday, in the ‘Mahurangi Matters catchment’ are blessed with great beaches, coastline, swimming, boating and fishing.  For avid fishers, there is nothing better than to be out on the water with the prospect of taking...... Read More

Iconic kauri in trouble

Kauri dieback disease has pushed our forests to a tipping point and what we do now will determine their fate. To lose kauri means losing the whole forest ecosystem because it is a keystone species upon which 17 other species depend. The fact that we...... Read More

No excuses

  With the Christmas season over for another year, many families will be looking at their finances, which probably took a bit of a hammering. Not helped at all by record prices for some fruit and veggies including such staple items as kumara, pumpkin...... Read More

Planning and communication

Veterinarians spend a large amount of their time promoting changes in client behaviour to improve animal health, welfare and productivity. While we spend time talking and listening, clients spend time listening and talking. We don’t always hear...... Read More

Fish for thought

The holiday season has seen our roads and beaches overrun by boats of all shapes and sizes, with boaties flocking to the ocean in search of sun, sea and fish. Late last month saw 10 hearty snapper arrive on my doorstep after my partner spent a day on...... Read More

Gardens are a humming

Finally, it happened! I was aimlessly watering the garden when my nostrils caught the first faint whiff floating on the evening breeze. My Italian lineage promptly went into *Lagotto Romagnolo mode and I was off at a trot, nostrils flared while gaining...... Read More

Takahe success

The takahe are doing well at Tawharanui Regional Park and providing support for the national takahe recovery group, together with lots of interest for park users. To date, we have 14 adult birds on the park and one chick. Last year’s chick was...... Read More

Timely reminders

Firstly, I would like to thank the wider community for their continuing efforts to make our area a great place to live. Our police motto is ‘Safer Communities Together’ and so many people pitch in to do their part. Since taking up my role...... Read More

Generosity applauded

Our community is wonderful! This Christmas, Homebuilders Family Services received numerous gifts and food for families who would not have otherwise received anything. Individuals and families donated food, gifts and vouchers, remaining anonymous but wanting...... Read More

Christmas is upon us

As usual, the run up to Christmas is so busy you almost don’t have a chance to relax and celebrate the season of giving. This Christmas Hibiscus Matters collected supermarket vouchers for the Hibiscus Coast Community House’s foodbank, which...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters – December 1, 2017

 Wonderful Whanga S Swallow, Manly. Published December 13, 2017 What an interesting and versatile area we live in, almost in our own little world! Reading about three great people (HM November 1) I realised the amazing residents living behind their...... Read More

Council gets mixed report card

This year has been a bit of a mixed bag for Auckland Council – not quite ‘two steps forward, one step back’, but something along those lines. On the one hand there’s been the ongoing delivery of a number of significant projects...... Read More

The enemy within

Why on earth do blowflies breed like blowflies? Surely this has to be the million-dollar question for summer 2017? My venomous hatred for blowflies is only surpassed by snails and slugs, and you should see my efforts to eradicate them! I mean, for goodness...... Read More

Poisonous chocolate

With the festive season approaching, I thought it might be a good time to revisit some of the information contained in the “Death by Chocolate” article I wrote about three years ago. Some of the foods we love can be dangerous for our pets,...... Read More

Where there’s a will, there’s a relative

The purpose of a will on the face of it is straightforward. It’s to ensure that on your death your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.  After all, you would think that you could do as you wanted. Well, it’s not so straightforward,...... Read More

Gifts worth giving

We are all aware it is that time of the year. The pressure is on, time is running out and we have to figure out what to buy for the children in our lives. Children often want the latest gizmo, usually the one that is being advertised hard out to them...... Read More

Puhoi pioneers

Paul Straka was a single man of 33 when he emigrated from Bohemia to Puhoi in 1863. Being one of the younger immigrants, he took a leading part in clearing bush to enable the settlers to begin to be self-supporting. He built a 10-ton punt to transport...... Read More