BID to beat bureaucrats

Warkworth has massive growth ahead of it. Designated as a satellite town in Auckland’s Unitary Plan, Warkworth is expected to grow from a town of 4500 people to be over 25,000 within the next 20 years. The motorway extension is due to be complete...... Read More

Spreading the word

An initiative trialled at Tāwharanui Regional Park in 2018/19 was so successful that the troops have rallied again to increase visitors’ understanding and awareness of all that surrounds them. TOSSI members love the great outdoors so much that...... Read More

Summer salad days

These long, hot summer days call for bright, fresh salads. And salads are a great way to use up the vegetable glut in the summer garden. Those of you who are gardeners will know what I mean by the summer vegetable glut, especially in the form of the courgette....... Read More

Finding money for school

Here it comes – the avalanche of back-to-school costs. Feet will have grown, shirts will have shrunk and sports gear will have got lost in the abyss. Even for those on a good income, it can be tough finding the money to kit out a child or two at...... Read More

Cloak of invisibility

Octopuses are relatives of shellfish and snails that lost their shells. They compensate for the absence of body armour by being strong, intelligent and able to become invisible against almost any background. In fact, no other animal has the level of...... Read More

Travel adventures

While travel can be a stepping stone to relaxation, it is also the pathway to adventure for many Kiwis. We love to travel and more people are looking for special ways to enhance those experiences. Speciality trips from food and wine trails to sporting...... Read More

Albertland centenarian

Thomas Inger was one of many wanting to emigrate to New Zealand. William Brame, the Albertland movement founder, was keen to have him. In his letters, Brame wrote that he considered Inger exactly the sort of man the Albertlanders needed. Each...... Read More

Dieting for pets

New Year’s resolutions focusing on self-development, specifically body composition and physical fitness, emotional and mental wellness, are repeating themes at this time of the year. The continuum from illness to health is an interesting one and...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters letters - December 18, 2019

Sculpture needs work Lulu Green, Orewa I am pleased to see the new local board in place – for once, some of the ones I voted for actually got in! Could I ask them to re-assess the matter of the sculpture for Moana Reserve? The process was not...... Read More

Universal Message

The response to the annual Hibiscus Matters Christmas appeal for food and vouchers for Coast families, who might be doing it tough this Christmas, has again been heartwarming. Several businesses have opted to donate instead of running a Secret Santa,...... Read More

Electoral overhaul needed

Firstly let me thank all those electors who voted me back on to the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board to represent the Hibiscus subdivision. To achieve the highest number of vote’s shows that people recognised that I am a community person, willing...... Read More

A Christmas ‘to do’ list

As we enter the festive season we’re typically bombarded with the usual health messages such as – keep to healthy foods, don’t overeat, don’t stray from your usual healthy eating, keep to your sleep times, don’t eat junk...... Read More

What was the Christmas star?

In St Matthew’s gospel, we are told about the bright Star of Bethlehem which led the wise men to the birthplace of Jesus where they left three gifts. This imagery has become one of the most recognisable features of Christmas around the world. The...... Read More

Kayaker causes major callout

In the column last month, I noted that the number of callouts for the unit had been increasing and over the past few weeks that has not let up – this will only increase as the Christmas and New Year holiday approaches. One callout in particular...... Read More

Working with nature

How you care for your soil, and grow the plants in your garden, has a flow on effect that is becoming recognised more and more as having a wider impact. It is vital that you treat your garden, or farm, as an ecosystem if you don’t want to damage...... Read More

Books - December 2019 Reads

Against all odds By Craig Challen and Richard Harris with Ellis Henican Although we know what happens in the end, this book grips you from the start. This story is a personal account told by Australians Dr Richard Harris and Dr Craig Challen, who...... Read More

Universal message

The response to the annual Mahurangi Matters appeal for presents and food for families who might be doing it tough this Christmas has again been heartwarming. Warkworth Lions, always so reliable, came in with boxes of toys, and the Warkworth Golf Club...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 18 December 2019 - Readers Letters

Losing a treasure In response to your article 'Dome Cafe Closes' Page 3 November 20 Issue. Indeed, we have lost an icon, and much more, with the closing of the Top of the Dome Cafe. I worked there part-time for just over three years, and was...... Read More

Dotterels defy developers at Snells Beach

A pair of nesting dotterels has survived hell and high water, thanks to a new perch built by a group of Snells Beach residents, led by seabird photographer Michele MacKenzie. Michele says the dotterels were stuck between a rock and a hard place when...... Read More