Fishing - Finding big fish

As we get closer to the winter months, the larger kingfish are lurking around. From most accounts, live baits and deep diving lipped lures seem to work when trolling around the deeper reefs. Spearfishermen are also seeing a lot of great sized kingies. This...... Read More

On the Farm - Regenerating profits

We talk a lot these days about climate change, ecosystems services, carbon sequestration and a whole lot of other terms and concepts which seems at first glance to be rather removed from the direct interests of the farmer and the business of farming....... Read More

Health - Hot or cold?

What should I use to help my pain, heat or ice? This is a question that seems to get raised often in clinic and just as often gets confused. While there are some complexities around this, ultimately it can be quite simple, in theory anyway. Basically,...... Read More

Body needs ‘warrant of fitness’ checks

Screening is a tool we use to pick up changes in the body that may lead to poor health outcomes if not addressed. The process starts before birth with things such as maternal blood tests and ultrasound scans, and continues until late adulthood. Women...... Read More

Cuisine - A special Mother’s Day treat 

We always know when winter is around the corner as the first flush of citrus fruits appear. Limes and mandarins abound on the roadside stalls of the district, bringing the comforting knowledge that these hardy fruits will provide the extra vitamin C we...... Read More

One Mahurangi - Women in business

When I first started working for the Auckland Chamber of Commerce quite a number of years ago, the membership of the Chamber was overwhelmingly male. It was not uncommon to attend an event, either a seminar or a networking event, and have around 98 per...... Read More

Environment - Fishy friends

Who is a fish? Is he a pet, food or a sovereign being? Can he be all these things at once? Those were questions that came to mind after a recent debate at Gulf Harbour Marina. Residents have befriended local snapper which come to the surface for food....... Read More

Cartoon - Dogs pose threat to Tamahunga kiwi

More than a decade of predator trapping efforts and years of negotiations with the Department of Conservation (DOC) will soon allow environmentalists to start translocating kiwi to Mt Tamahunga from next year. But Tamahunga Trappers stress they will...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 5 May 2021 - Readers Letters

Goff only partly right No surprise Phil Goff would try to blame Rodney District Council (RDC) for deficiencies in our roading systems (MM April 21). He is partly right, but he ignores the history which is largely responsible. In the...... Read More

Residential rental properties changes

The Government, in the 2020 tax year, brought in ring-fencing of any losses on rental properties, which means that owners of rental properties cannot claim the loss against other income. The losses have to be claimed against future rental income, or...... Read More

Climate change action supported

 Last month, Auckland Council released the results of an independent Colmar Brunton survey, which asked more than 4000 Aucklanders about our proposed 10-year budget. The survey found 46 percent support for Council’s overall proposed 10-year...... Read More

Viewpoint - Getting on with the job

This time last year we were halfway through the lockdown. Looking back and going hard and early in our health response gave us the opportunity for a head start on our economic recovery. We are rebuilding – while the pandemic is still raging in much...... Read More

Animals - Poisonous plants

Although your average ornamental plant or tree in the paddock or garden can look relatively benign, often they can do harm to any hungry, scavenging pets in your home. Here is a list of the most common ones to look out for, what harm they can do to your...... Read More

Hidden from view

Seabirds, including gulls, terns, penguins, petrels, shearwaters and shags, are all regular visitors to Shakespear Regional Park and those of you with boats will have encountered them all in the Hauraki Gulf. Gulls, terns and shags nest on the surface,...... Read More

Gardening - Plants for honeybees (Part 2)

Following on from my previous column, where I covered native plants for bees and other pollinators, there are many introduced species of trees which are excellent for bees on farms, lifestyle blocks and large gardens. They include all the eucalypts,...... Read More

Accentuate the positive

Social media is a powerful tool that serves a good purpose of connection. However, it can also lead to a culture of comparison and manipulating the emotions of a vulnerable generation, notably the young. Social media has raised the bar in our own critical...... Read More

Seasonal sowing

The first downpour arriving in the last week of March made little impact on a soil that was dust dry. Luckily the showers continued throughout the week and soil moisture increased for the first few centimetres. The storm that brought the rain also littered...... Read More

Wine - 2021 looking good for grapes

In my last column, I shared my grape grower weather anxiety with respect to the La Niña event that occurred over summer this year. Were my predictions right? They were, but things were not as bad as they could have been. A large dump of rain...... Read More

Books - April Reads

Bad Habits By Flynn Meaney This riotous novel is aimed at those 15 years old and over. The story starts with Alex, the main protagonist, climbing out of a boy’s dorm window as she is out after school curfew and she’s trying to evade the...... Read More