Political Views

Chickens home to roost

Firstly, I sincerely hope people have managed to come through the lockdown relatively unscathed. Unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone in our community. While our country has risen to the health threat outstandingly, the economic consequences,...... Read More

Viewpoint - Planning ahead

These are interesting times. The draft Rodney Local Board Plan, which sets the direction of the Board for the next three years, is open for consultation on July 13. If you have an interest in what is to happen in Rodney this should be on your reading...... Read More

Water tanks incentives needed

As a community and a nation that has been through so much in recent times, it has been an opportunity to reflect on what around us could do with a little “tweaking”. We all know what a precious commodity water is – never more so than...... Read More

Waste-to-energy? ...

As the controversial Dome Valley landfill resource consent application progresses, Councillor Greg Sayers says we should be investigating waste-to-energy as an alternative. This could solve the environmental problems posed by landfill and meet our water...... Read More

... or stick with landfill?

Burning Auckland’s waste to generate electricity using a waste-to-energy plant is fantasy, according to Warkworth energy analyst Steve Goldthorpe. I do not like the idea of all of Auckland’s waste being put in my backyard. However, the waste...... Read More

Viewpoint - Challenges ahead

At Covid-19 Level 1, we now face the big challenge of working together to deal with the economic consequences. Like other cities and countries, we have to promote economic recovery and job growth. We also have to deal with the huge impact Covid-19 has...... Read More

A new door opens

Unfortunately I can’t help but feel your local board has just been handed the poisoned challis! No matter what we do in response to the damage caused by the lockdown, we can’t possibly make everyone happy and we can’t solve everyone’s...... Read More

Viewpoint - Countering Covid

It is now over seven weeks since New Zealand entered lockdown and I am proud to say that together our efforts have resulted in very low numbers of new Covid-19 cases being reported each day. A big thank you is owed to our frontline staff for working...... Read More

Industrial area not a done deal

This is my second term on the Rodney Local Board. I represent the Dairy Flat subdivision, which includes Dairy Flat and Wainui – both areas that Hibiscus Matters covers. I am passionate about ensuring that our area does not lose its rural character...... Read More

Viewpoint - Time to slash costs

Mayor Goff will be asking the public to support either a 2.5 or a 3.5 per cent rate increase. Four councillors, including myself, wanted a zero per cent option included, but we weren’t supported by other councillors (see story p9). Should Council...... Read More