Political Views

Keep informed

Daylight saving has started and we look forward to some bright sunny and warmer days. The new bus services for the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast have started. I look forward to comments from bus users to find out if it’s working as promised. That...... Read More

Seeking solutions

There’s a saying that politics is finding a room full of angry people and agreeing with them, and certainly some politicians make an art of it. The trouble with that as a long-term political strategy is there’s no incentive to find a solution. I...... Read More

Problems tackled

In April, I announced with Government an historic $28 billion-dollar investment in Auckland’s transport infrastructure to deliver transformative projects like light rail, major bus upgrades, new and improved roads like Penlink and Mill Rd, and...... Read More

Women of vision

I would like to acknowledge all the visionary women of the Rodney District who signed the suffrage petition, which led to women gaining the right to vote in 1893. New Zealand made history in a world first we can all be very proud of as we celebrate the...... Read More

CCOs out of control

In sport you occasionally hear of some poor coach whose job is under threat because he or she “…has lost control of the dressing room”. In my view Auckland Council has well and truly lost control of several of its ironically named...... Read More

Show us the money

In my 45 years of kicking around local government, I have never seen such high levels of community engagement in local affairs. Now, more than ever, local government is affecting the lives of middle New Zealand. Local government have their hands deep...... Read More

A fair go for children

Recently I attended the premier screening of “Celia”, about the life and work of Celia Lashlie, which was filmed in part during the last year of her life. Celia was one of those wonderfully passionate women who married and had kids young,...... Read More

Housing affordability tackled

Doesn’t time fly? It’s almost been a year since I became a Member of Parliament and was soon in the thick of it as Government tackles some big problems. There is increasing homelessness in Rodney, which we are trying to address; I recently...... Read More

Road rage

I hope everyone is getting through winter okay and I guess we are all looking forward to the first day of spring. I don’t know about you but the year seems to be moving very quickly. I am enjoying being part of a big, strong and well organised...... Read More

More cash for Rodney

Last time I updated Mahurangi Matters readers, Council’s 10-year budget – the blueprint for how our city will grow and develop over the next 10 years – was out for public consultation. Thank you to everyone who contributed their views...... Read More