Council Views

Price of a politician

Who wants to be a politician?  Regarded as one of the least trusted professions, it requires no special qualification. I was recently taken aback by a comment that elected local body representatives shouldn’t be paid; that it is a public service....... Read More

Playing field not level

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board made their final decision to adopt the Local Board Plan at their business meeting on the October 18 so now the way is open for the Plan to be implemented. When we are elected it always seems to take such a long time...... Read More

One year in office

Last month marked one year since I was elected Mayor of Auckland. It has been a great year and a great privilege to serve the city I love. Growth is good for Auckland. It delivers us the talent we need to maintain a strong economy and it makes our city...... Read More

Rodney’s big election win

There has been a lot of noise about the time it has taken to establish who the new government is. But let’s have a good look at the timeline. The 51st Parliament was dissolved on August 22, overseas voting started on September 6, advanced voting...... Read More

Assessing Council’s performance

I was asked by media this week how I thought the Super City had performed for our community and whether, as a model, it delivered local democracy. I’m sure all residents will have reflected on these questions and have their own strong views on...... Read More

My performance review

This month, I would like to to share with you an independent viewpoint about how I am performing as your Councillor. The extract below is from a professional publication which reports on Auckland Council’s political news. It is called the Town...... Read More

Committed MP

The election is over, and I’m deeply honoured to have been returned as your MP. I would like to acknowledge the other candidates and all the volunteers who gave up their time to deliver flyers, knock on doors or act as scrutineers. As a country...... Read More

Coast boom times

As the tsunami of growth continues across the Hibiscus Coast and wider Auckland, the sheer scale of this development is becoming increasingly apparent on the landscape. While it may appear unparalleled it is not without precedent as the history of Whangaparaoa...... Read More

Local board on track

Well we have had some exciting news on the Penlink front over the last week or so (HM August 16). We have all been working hard to get a positive outcome but nothing is set in place yet. Even if Penlink was to be advanced and in the 2018-2028 ATAP list,...... Read More

Election could be game-changer

The upcoming election is an outstanding opportunity for Auckland. As the political parties try and outdo each other with policy offers for Auckland, Auckland voters have choices. Long standing problems in housing, transport, funding tools, over-crowded...... Read More