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Dynamic Lanes team come to local board

Dynamic lanes are utilised around the world to get traffic moving at peak times including on the Auckland Harbour and Panmure bridges. In 2014, Auckland Transport began investigating using this concept at peak times on road corridors too. Last year they...... Read More

Finding Robbie

Back in the 1960s and 70s Sir Dove-Myer Robinson was Auckland’s longest serving and most popular Mayor. He had a hard life as a child before making his mark as a successful clothing manufacturer. He was a man with the common touch, a rather eccentric...... Read More

How is the Supercity working for you?

In my June column last year, I remarked on Auckland Transport’s brilliant idea to offer local residents the ability to pay for their own road maintenance. The new policy would allow residents to fund the capital costs of sealing their road, including...... Read More

Alternative connections

Front page on the last Hibiscus Matters was the story Auckland Transport gives Silverdale lights thumbs up. The article noted the opposition by the two councillors – myself and John Watson, and the majority of the local Hibiscus Coast Local Board...... Read More

Council get out of our way

The talented people of the Mahurangi district could do so much more if only the Council would get out of their way. All we need is to be allowed to breathe and to grow. The district is made up of communities of get-up-and-goers. The resulting dynamism...... Read More

First 180 days

Wellsford is not getting a fair deal and this has nothing to do with the Northern Action Group (NAG). We went into the Supercity with the promise of better roads and levels of service, but instead we have seen Wellsford regress. It is evident that priority...... Read More

Fuel tax still on wish list

April was a busy month, with lots of things happening. Not all of them were welcome. The weather bombs in March and April – where over five weeks we got more than six months rainfall – tested our systems. While events that limited...... Read More

Growth presenting challenges

March and April were busy months for Auckland. We hosted the World Masters Games at the end of April, bringing in 28,000 competitors from more than 100 countries. Less positively, we experienced over 600mm of rain in 30 days – the equivalent...... Read More

Ratepayers favour local services

How Council should spend our rates money was a burning question at the two public engagements I recently attended. The council was seeking direction on what the rates increase this year should be. Of course few of us like paying more rates...... Read More

Appreciating community

By Beth Houlbrooke Today as I sit down to write my column I feel a bit like George in the TV Series 800 Words, only I’ve got about half that many. I recently had a visitor stay for the weekend with me here in Warkworth, from the city....... Read More