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Hibiscus Matters Letters - October 2017

Penlink alternatives Victoria Egli, Stanmore Bay. Published October 18, 2017 The post-election edition of Hibiscus Matters reminded me that coasties are still in favour of Penlink. Coasties have an opportunity here to lead the way in innovative, smart,...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - August 2017

Tracey first Trevor Lyndon, Red Beach (abridged). Published August 16, 2017 Regardless of all the efforts to get Penlink built and the Hill Street intersection fixed, it is increasingly apparent that Auckland Transport, the Mayor, councillors, local...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - Published July 2017

Open process Linda Grant, Arkles Bay. Published July 19, 2017 There is no question that local board workshops should be open to the public and the press. I went to a couple of local board meetings early on after they were formed under the new council,...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - June 2017

See the big picture Maurie Hooper, Snells Beach. I did attend the meeting referenced on page three of Mahurangi Matters (May 17). But I did not get the idea that the meeting had rejected the link road options as the headline suggests. Yes, there...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - June 2017

Council out of touch John Clements, Orewa. June 14, 2017 I note (HM June 1) that the Orewa call centre is moving to the Council’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Manukau and the ‘Transformation Director’ says the changes from...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letter - May 2017

More off-licences Bill and Mona Townson, Scotts Landing Once again that incompetent shambles of an organisation that calls itself Auckland Council (AC) has let our community down big time. In 2012, Parliament re-wrote the Sale of Liquor Act to give...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - May 2017

Bike rack now! Rough roundabout Fair’s fair Council queries cost Absent friends School fee suggestion Safe speeds Anger boils over RSA not alone Red Beach recalled Caught in the act I found this dead creature...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - April 2017

Got the message Ban bags Save the trees Unanswered questions Delivery girl outed B ‘n’ B concerns Rights of trees Trees valued Reconsider felling Real cost of water Local input called for Air con throbs Millwater...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - March 2017

Weekend ferries Free not easy Safety over top Perfect match Fight goes on Fair go Bring back gifts Thanks tank owners Plan impacts wildlife Art work stolen Close call Missing the point Dangerous laning Seachange...... Read More