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Mahurangi Matters Letters - 18 July 2018

Drowning in poo Thank you for putting “our plea” in your Off the Record article, “Putting the ‘dump’ back into dumpster” (MM May 30). Alas, the sign has not helped. I am unsure which part of, “Please...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - July 4, 2018

Life lessons Charlotte Gray, Tindalls Bay. I was standing on my brakes, heading down the hill on Whangaparaoa Rd towards what I now call The New World Intersection. I thought about my life. Where did I go wrong? Instead of working as a poorly paid and...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 4 July 2018

Errors in Viewpoint The Viewpoint column by Rodney Local Board member Colin Smith (MM June 13) is full of factual errors.  The entire Rodney Local Board voted unanimously to consult on the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate to accelerate...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - June 13, 2018

Pizza spoils movie Mike Kirk, Waiwera Hoyts Cinema, Whangaparaoa, Saturday night. My wife and I sat in our seats for the film The Bookshop. A civilised film, with actors and a script – hence our attendance. Twenty minutes into the film, all is...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 13 June 2018

Dodgy waka Thank you Mahurangi  Matters for your bold article “Log’s waka credentials looking a little shaky” (MM May 16), regarding the log uncovered on the Puhoi  motorway project. For the following reasons it could never...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - June 1, 2018

Seawall case Ian Cook, Silverdale The case of Orewa Seawall just gets more and more interesting (HM May 16). And more wasteful of our money too. It has highlighted a lot of concerns relating to how Auckland Council operates and in particular the power...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 30 May 2018

Clarity on transport I would like to clarify a few of the statements made by Councillor Greg Sayers in the article Mahurangi wins big under Land Transport Plan (MM May 16). It is great news that the planning that Auckland Council and Auckland Transport...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 2 May 2018

Don’t blame speed Regarding the article quoting Bevan Woodward about reducing speed (MM April 18). Reducing speed is not the answer to the rising road toll. If speed was the answer then all the published information we have been getting from...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - April 18, 2018

Seawall costs shock Michael Lewis, Orewa. Knowing how the Council works in mysterious ways, I was still shocked to see the cost of its resource consent application for the Orewa seawall (HM March 14). I’m sure those costs are still mounting. I...... Read More

Democracy degraded

A number of people in the Mahurangi community are very disappointed that the Auckland Council “Have Your Say” events, where people can give their submissions face-to-face to Council about the Mayor’s 10-year budget, was removed from...... Read More